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{wild wednesday} what do lumberjacks do?

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Put on your beard and grab your favorite blue ox ‘cuz it’s…

Well, it’s the middle of Lumberjack Week here in the PiG PeN and we’re feelin’ a lil’ more like Paul Bunyan every day! Today we’re answerin’ the question, “What do Lumberjacks do…at a birthday party?!?” It’s best to keep a lumberjack busy or you might hear, “TIMBER!” and have a bit of extra firewood for the winter! {giggle}

Enough silliness. Let’s get to the real fun…Lumberjack Activities and Crafts!

Practice Your SAWing Skills: Lumberjacks need to be skilled with a saw so we offered a sweet “log” for them to practice on. We used actual Hostess Ho Ho’s® {sniffle} but Little Debbie™ Swiss Cake Rolls can be substituted.

Build-Your-Own Log Cabin: Lincoln Log® cabins were used as décor for the buffet and the centerpiece for the dining/craft table. After everyone has finished eating, the cabins can do double-duty as a party activity. Kids of all ages will love designing and building their own log cabin!

Grab Your Lumberjack Gear: Upon arriving at the party, future lumberjacks receive the first part of their gear—a lumberjack hat. Are you asking yourself, “Why is this an activity?” Well, the hat coordinates with my favorite craft activity which is next…BUT you can also have a “best dressed” Lumberjack contest!

On the invitation, suggest that your guests wear “lumberjack” clothing to the party. We like to use “[Fill-in-the-blank] attire encouraged” for our themed events. Of course, all of our friends know that means a prize is involved so they go all out!

Create-Your-Own Beard: Using the template included in the Lumberjack Collection, future lumberjacks create their very own beard! {So fun!} Grab a variety of colored craft foam at your local fabric or craft store. Ours only had black, brown and grey in stock but you could use yellow, rust/orange or white. Print the template on heavy cardstock and cut out. Trace the beard onto the craft foam with a ball-point pen or felt-tip marker. Cut out the beard with scissors and punch or cut the two small holes. Attach 12″ – 14″ of elastic, twine or ribbon and Ta-Da!

If you’d like to give the beard a more realistic look, add dimension by attaching hand cut craft foam circles with adhesive dots. I also added a moustache above the mouth opening.

Here are the hat and beard on our live action lumberjack model [aka the hubs]…

I hope you’re inspired to be a lil’ rugged this week!





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  1. Where are those adorable wooden cups from?!

    1. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in responding. The bamboo cups were recycled from a Hawaiian-themed birthday and wrapped with faux bois paper (part of our Lumberjack Collection) and twine. The bamboo cups were purchased from Pick On Us.

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