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{wild wednesday} picnic play date

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Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen ‘cuz it’s time for…

Far before summer even began, I knew that I wanted to throw a small shindig for my munchkin and his friends once we were settled into our new home. We had been stuck in a small apartment for nearly 6 months while waiting for the new house to be renovated…and we were going stir crazy!

What better way to celebrate SUMMER than with a SHERBET & SUNSHINE Picnic in Lennon’s New Backyard!?!

My munchkin is ALL boy…and by that I mean, he Loves bugs! When I asked him who he wanted to invite to his picnic, he said, “uhm…rolie polies, ants, ladybugs…and Skyler and Taya.” LOL Skyler and Taya, his actual best friends, were easy…the bugs were a different story. In order to make him happy, I decided that the bugs would be just as welcome as any other guest. They played a large roll in the planning. The bugs made an appearance in all of the custom printables {created by Piggy Bank Parties} the decor and even in the menu.

Guests were greeted at the front door with a fun sign leading them to the backyard.

The main table displayed healthy, bite-sized snacks for the kiddos to easily grab and munch while they were busy playing, planting & picnicking.

The cute lil’ bumble bee napkin wraps were my favorite…and so easy to make!

The snacks consisted of Wiggly Worm Dirt Pudding Cups, Sunshine Sherbet Push-Up Pops, Ants On A Log, Firefly Fruit Kabobs, PB & J Blossoms, Grapes and {Lennon’s favorite} Bug Juice.

He was a happy lil’ munchkin!

After the kiddos filled up on snacks, they had a blast planting flowers. They were able to write their names on mini pots with chalk and personalize the larger pots by coloring the inside wrapper. They planted daisies and strawberries.

They had shovels, gloves, rakes and custom Piggy Bank Parties picnic baskets full of seeds to take home.

That sweet face made the whole day worth it! {It didn’t hurt that I snuck a push-up pop…or two.}


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  1. Thanks ladies :) This is definitely one of my favorite parties! It was so much fun! The kids loved planting flowers and eating goodies on picnic blankets :) xoxo

  2. So adorable! Just LOVE this idea & the concept! Great job to both of you! =)

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