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{wild wednesday} penguin bowling

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It’s time for another edition of…

We’re hostin’ another guest blogger today and you know what’s WiLd? She’s related to one of the Crew! I’ll let her introduce herself but we’re so excited that she was willing to stop by Oink! today!

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Hi, my name is Barb and I’m proud to be the mother of Mariah, aka Giggles Galore. I’m excited about this opportunity to share a fun Penguin Bowling project today on the ever fabulous Piggy Bank Parties. And boy is this project ever a money saver! In fact, the total cost for this project was (drumroll, please)…$0!

Seems like we’d been planning little John’s penguin birthday party for decades, but we were baffled about birthday party activities for one-year-olds. Then one day when I was drinking my breakfast (a Slimfast shake), I realized that the bottle has that signature hourglass shape that can be used for snowmen, dolls or PENGUINS! From there it was simple.

First, I sprayed the bottles black (or you could just leave them white if you are making snowmen).

I then cut a pattern out of newspaper for the tummy and face (kind of a bottom heavy figure 8) which I traced onto white vinyl scraps. After cutting out the vinyl and peeling off the back, I applied the vinyl to the black bottle. This was the tricky part because the bottle is curved and the vinyl is not very elastic. I clipped edges and pricked bubbles to ease the process, but I still ended up with major wrinkles. The next time I do this I think I will place the vinyl on before the spray painting as a mask, then simply use black acrylic paint to do touch-ups by hand.

I painted on facial details with acrylic paint and added a scarf made out of felt scraps cut ½” thick and about 12” long.

Finally, I filled the bottles about ¼ of the way full with rice (you could use beans) to add some weight to the bottoms.

I made a set of nine penguins for the bowling game and we let the kids use a plastic ball to knock them over with. It was a BIG HIT!

Thanks for letting me share today. Hope you can use this idea at your next Winter themed activity.

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Thank you, Barb, for sharing such a fun party game with us! You’re just as fabulous as your daughter!

I hope you’re inspired to look at everyday items in new ways. You just might create somethin’ fun!

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  1. Aww adorable! GReat tutorial. I have a friend drinking these right now. I do think she needs to save me her used bottles :)

    Tiffany @ Fizzy Party

  2. One thing to remember when planning a grandchilds party is to include both sets of grandparents and aunts/uncles in the planning of it.

    1. It is a wonderful thing to include family in creating a magical party for a grandchild. I love when the birthday child’s parent asks family members to participate by working on projects for the special day. Of course, this will always depend on the family.

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