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{wild wednesday} indoor tailgating

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Things are a lil’ crazy around here ‘cuz it’s…

…and we’ve got FOOTBALL FEVER around the PiG PeN!

On Monday I shared the invitations we created for our client, Shannon. Today I’m sharing a lil’ indoor tailgating party I put together featuring the coordinating party décor—the Game Day Collection.

Whether tailgating outside or indoors, I like to create a menu that I can make ahead, keep warm or cold and serve with as little fuss as possible before the big game! I served up this tailgate indoors but I would do the exact same set up minus the paper plate backdrop in the back of our trucklette.

Our signature paper plate backdrop consisted of two rows of silver plates and one row of blue plates to represent the stadium and the sky. I added “fan” paper from the collection to the centers of the plates to represent the cheering section. The tassel garland in my team’s colors was hung above the “stadium.” The backdrop was finished off with a banner hung with mini clothespins on yellow and white twine.

To keep the clean-up before the game to a minimum, the hubs made snack boxes out of a piece of the collection’s paper. The boxes were lined with wax paper and a napkin was placed in each one. Hot Apple Cider served in to-go cups makes it easy for guests to grab a drink quickly.

Guests fill their snack box with no fuss food—turkey sausage skewers, chili, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, caprese salad stix and chips-n-dip. The food is served in a football chip-n-dip dish and bucket leftover from our Charlie Brown-Inspired Birthday.

{J and I think this lil’ grilled cheese either has lips with two moles or is a lil’ monster saying, “Blah!”}

Hank’s Hint: Every penny counts when you love to entertain. Instead of buying the more expensive lil’ bags of chips, buy a large bag on sale and package in reclosable sandwich bags. You might even find some in your team’s colors…on sale!

When I was ordering supplies for my sister’s birthday party, I added these adorable football skewers from Pick On Us to my shopping cart. I knew they would be perfect to use throughout the football season.

The sweet treats included Oatmeal Pie Footballs which I found here on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons and Football Favor Boxes filled with Michigan Trail Mix. The trail mix was made with whatever I had on hand—honey roasted peanuts, pretzel twists and sunflower seeds mixed with blue and yellow M&Ms. I also made up a few extra servings of trail mix for those fourth quarter munchies.

Hank’s Hint: Buying single colored candy can be expensive. Instead, buy a regular bag and separate the colors in less than 5 minutes. It’s also a fun project for a lil’ kitchen helper!

The printable Game Day Collection has everything you need to cheer on your team or celebrate your lil’ sport’s birthday! The collection includes Banners, Party Signs, Party Cards, Favor Tags, Lil’ Party Tags, Coordinating Paper and Football Favor Boxes. Most of the items also include a “Create-Your-Own” version so you can personalize your party as much or as little as you want!

By keeping the menu simple, using leftover servingware and reusing décor from other parties—tissue paper tassels, paper plates, twine, to-go cups, mini spoons, condiment cups, confetti, football dish and bucket—I was able to pull this party together in just a few hours.

I hope you’re inspired to tailgate with as lil’ fuss as possible!


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  1. These are just FUN! Nice crowds…J! Great choice of colors and team! I did notice that some of the invites were VT colors, too!

    1. I knew you’d like the team colors! The invites are Cleveland Brown colors per our client’s request. VT colors are maroon and orange, Silly Sister!

  2. Adorable football party Piggy :) So easy so you too can enjoy the game! Love it! Can I come watch?
    The paper plate backdrop is a marvelous idea. You can easily change it out to match the coloures of what ever team is playing.

  3. This is great I loved every detail :) and awesome tip about the chips very budget friendly :)

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