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Art inspires creativity, imagination and lots of colorful fun. That is why I decided to host an art playdate with some of our dear friends and let the creativity flow.

One of my favorite playdates was an art activity we did a few years ago with an old sheet, paint and spray bottles. I decided to make an ordinary play date extraordinary with the free Lots-O-Dots printables from Piggy Bank Parties.

To create a memorable afternoon with your kiddos all you need are a few supplies and some yummy treats.

Hang an old white sheet outside and fill spray bottles with 2-3 drops of tempura paint. Next, add water until you have a thin, watery consistency. Make sure you use washable paint, it gets messy!

Let the kids create a colorful masterpiece with their spray bottles.

The kids worked up an appetite after lots of spray painting on the canvas and each other. I kept the snacks simple, yet colorful, to keep in theme with our “art party.” I served rainbow fruit kebobs, rainbow sprinkle marshmallows, Rice Krispies paint brushes, paint mix Chex Mix and rainbow water. I used the masterpiece the kids created last year as the colorful backdrop behind the food table.


We had a fun afternoon playing with our friends and, most of all, using our imaginations to create a beautiful masterpiece! Turn an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary and memorable art playdate sure to inspire your little ones.

You don’t have to spend a lot to create this fun Art Playdate, here is the breakdown on what I spent:

  • Spray Bottles: $6
  • Food: $4 (Chex Mix, gumballs and rainbow sprinkles–everything else I already had)
  • Decorations: $3 (white painters palette and paint brushes)
  • Printables: FREE
  • I already had the paint and white sheet

Total Cost: $13 for 6 kids

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  1. marcie (Celebrating Moments by Marcie) says:

    LOVE this!!!! So wish I still had a lil one :(

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