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{tutorial} lil’ brooms

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Halloween is fast approaching and this year we’ve had a lot of fun creating two new Halloween collections—Lil’ Hoots Halloween and Lil’ Witches—as well as a GLOW-ing Halloween Favor Card. I’ve also been busy designing creative ways to display Halloween snacks and treats for our inspiration parties and product shoots. I’m always looking for fast and easy ways to turn easily accessible snacks into extraordinary treats using simple items. Today I’m sharing a lil’ tutorial from our Lil’ Witches Halloween party…

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Sucker
  • Paper Lunchsack
  • Double-stick Tape
  • String or Thread
  • Scissors

(Cut each section of the bag apart and lay flat)

One paper lunchsack will make 4 brooms.

I used long and flat suckers to mimic the shape of a broom, but other shapes would be cute, too!

I hope you’re inspired to turn a simple snack into an extraordinary treat!

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  1. Hi!!! I know it’s been a while since you posted this craft, but I just wanted to tell you I included it in my favorite Halloween crafts post because I just love it!
    Thanks a million for sharing ❤ I’m really grateful!

    Hugs from Spain ♫

  2. Amazing Idea! simple, easy and cute! I think this one also can be a party game for children , the name can be ” We making Brooms”. BTW We have a Halloween Party page, Do you want to share your wonderful idea on it?

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