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{tipster tuesday} one dollar bunting

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Grab your pencil and notepad ‘cuz it’s…

Today’s tip comes from our Magic Trick Birthday Party that I shared on Monday here. I’m always trying to think of inexpensive backdrops that make a big impact. Sometimes the ideas come from desperation after a backdrop idea fails. This backdrop was one of those desperate moments!

I originally planned to use two red plastic tablecloths to create the curtains you see on a magician’s stage. They just weren’t turning out as I had envisioned but I knew I needed a “curtain.” Here’s how I created this simple and inexpensive bunting…


  • $1.00 Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth
  • Recycled Ribbon, Twine or String
  • Recycled Tissue Paper
  • Tape (optional)

1. Lay the tablecloth on a flat surface. Keeping your hand flush with the top edge, gather one end together and tie loosely with ribbon, twine or string leftover from other projects.

2. Repeat on the other end making sure that your bunting is the width of your backdrop. By keeping your hand flush with the top edge, you create a straight edge at the top and a curved edge at the bottom.

3. Since you loosely tied the ends, you can adjust the curve of the bunting to be as big or as little as you want. You can do this step either on your flat surface or after you’ve hung it which is my preference.

4. After you’ve adjusted the bunting, tightly knot the ribbon, twine or string and securely attach to a wall or your backdrop. I used clear tape to attach the bunting since it was lightweight and I will be covering it up later with embellishments.

5. Trim the ends of the bunting if they are uneven or too long for your backdrop.

6. To add fullness to the bunting, crumple up a piece of tissue paper then fold it to fit the size of the bunting. This is a great way to recycle tissue paper from gifts you’ve received.

7. Tuck the folded tissue up under the bunting and adjust to the fullness you desire.

8. To keep it in place, gently pull down the bottom of the bunting and tuck the bottom of the tissue into one of the folds.

9. You can leave the bunting plain or embellish it to match your theme. I added 3-D stars leftover from our New Year’s Eve chandeliers seen here. You can download a free template and tutorial for the stars here.

Ta-Da! An inexpensive bunting that makes a big impact!

I hope you’re inspired to use items in unexpected ways!

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