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{tipster tuesday} celebrating any day

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Grab your pencils and notepads ‘cuz it’s time for…

Today is a day that we celebrate love. Tomorrow is a day that we celebrate…um, nothing. I’m happy to say that it doesn’t have to be that way! Some of my favorite celebrations are those that don’t celebrate a holiday…they celebrate any day! You know those days…the days that you gather with your girlfriends to have coffee or tea over a plate of warm brownies and chat about anything and everything. The days that your kids invite a friend or two over to play after school and they just can’t survive until dinner without a lil’ snack. So I say, let’s celebrate any day!

If it feels daunting to make any day special, here are a few tips to make it easy to celebrate any time…any occasion…any day!

Tip ONE: Plan ahead.

I always keep a few staples on hand in case unexpected company arrives. For adults…coffee, tea bags and a box of fancy cookies. For kids…milk, punch (50% citrus juice and 50% clear soda pop) or Kool-aid and a sweet treat. Of course, if I have other options available like cheese and crackers, fruit or leftover treats from a photo shoot {like the lil’ donuts pictured above} then I will share those!

Tip TWO: Decorate.

Sprucing up your place can only take a few minutes if you have a few pre-made decorations on hand. I recently learned how to make tissue tassels for a party I was designing for a magazine. When I saw a few crinkled sheets of old tissue paper in a drawer, I was inspired to make the tassels pictured above which took me less than an hour. I didn’t know what I would use the tassels for but I stored them in a shoebox for just the right occasion.

A few weeks ago we designed the Rustic Ware Mini Bunting for Cineca of Dreamin’ N Details’ “Rustic Love” Valentine’s inspiration shoot. I knew that I would eventually need to photograph them for the shop so I printed and assembled them. They sat on our work table for a couple of weeks until our photoshoot schedule cleared. Once we were ready to photograph them, I needed to set up a cute little vignette, and guess what I pulled out? The shoebox  full of tissue tassels! I hung them on a piece of twine and I had décor in less than 5 minutes!

Tip THREE: Shop your house.

It’s amazing what you can create with what you have in your cupboard and closets and my house is my favorite place to shop! For this lil’ photo shoot, everything was mismatched for a shabby chic feel so I used cupcake wrappers leftover from three different parties. I also used cupcakes leftover from another shoot. {Psst! I’ve actually used these cupcakes for 5 photo shoots…but don’t tell!}

I jazzed up my bargain cake stand with the Rustic Ware flag bunting…

…and jazzed up the cupcakes with the pennant bunting tied to leftover coffee stirrers.

I added a few more leftover treats to my wicker two-tiered servingware which was still decorated from our “A Vintage Valentine” party and ta-da! A sweet set-up in less than 30 minutes.

I hope you’re inspired to celebrate any day! Before I forget, we wanted to wish you…

{hogs and kisses}

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  1. I think the mini banners and tissue tassles are some of my favorite decorations that you have come up with…I love the color and print variety! Might work for Nora’s b-day!

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