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{tipster tuesday} burlap décor on a budget

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Today is a very exciting day on Oink!, Stefani Khan from La Belle Parties is our first “official” guest blogger! Stefani recently took part in the $100 Designer’s Challenge on Sparkling Events and Designs. After seeing the photos from her party design and reading that my favorite element cost less than $8.00 to create, I knew I had to invite her over for…

Today Stefani is sharing her tips on how to create this amazing wreath….

…for only 758 pennies! Don’t you just love when something so inexpensive is extraordinary? Without further ado, I’m turning Oink! over to Miss La Belle Parties

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I used a 40% coupon to get everything on sale!


  • 18″ straw wreath: $2.99
  • 1 1/2 yards burlap: $3.59
  • 100 ball head pins: $1

1. I started by cutting the burlap into 5″ wide by 65″ long strips.

2. I used two of the strips to wrap the straw wreath.

3. Then I cut the rest of the strips into 5″x5″ squares. I am all about being perfectly imperfect so I measured out the first one then used it as a template for the rest. My squares are not all perfect but they are close to the same size.

4. To make the bubbles take a square and fold it in half using opposite corners {makes a triangle shape}. Then take the right corner and fold it down to the front side of the point and fold the left corner down to the back side of the point.

5. Pin it to the wreath. Don’t worry about the pin showing because you will hide it with the next bubble. Just keep pinning the bubbles and hiding the pins until you have the wreath covered. I used about 90 squares to make my wreath.

6. To make the flowers I used a scrap of white muslin that I cut into three 2″ wide strips. I used a gather stitch all the way down one side of the strip. {I think that’s what it’s called. I actually do all my sewing with a glue gun so I’m not sure if I have the right term.} Pulled it tight and tied it off.

7. Now take the gathered piece and twist it. Just twist until you get the look you like.

8. Finally I hot glued the flowers to the wreath and pinned a piece of ribbon to the back to hang it.

I LOVE the way it turned out and it was so easy!

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We LoVe the way it turned out, too, Stefani! Thank you for hangin’ out with us today!

I hope you’re inspired to create a burlap wreath on a budget!

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  1. Great tutorial Stefani, I love the wreat as well. For that small budget, I should try it! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. When I saw it pop up on your blog, I was totally drawn to the wreath! I had to scan Stefani’s entry to find what she said about it!

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