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{tipster tuesday} a flurry of activities

Grab your pencil and notepad for another edition of…

Today I wanted to share some ideas on something that is often missing when you look at wonderful and fabulous parties on the blogosphere—ParTy AcTiviTies! What’s a party without a lil’ fun and games? Not a PaRty in my opinion! Since most of y’all will never attend a party at the Driver cottage, I wanted to share a few activities from some of our favorite {inspiration} and {real} parties!

Our celebrations often have a very specific theme and I always try to include one special activity tailored to it. For our Jack and the Beanstalk {inspiration} party, I set up a table for the lil’ guests to plant Magic Bean Seeds to take home with them. I love activities that can also do double-duty as favors!

For my 40th birthday, we celebrated my “Mini Milestone” with all things MiNi! Every activity was miniature sized—mini croquet, mini board games, mini art show, mini golf and mini portraits on mini canvases.

In addition to tailor-made games, I also have a few standard activities that show up at almost every party we throw. We tweak them for each celebration but why mess with a great thing?!? The newest addition to our activity arsenal is the bean bag toss. For my “Driver’s Drive-In” birthday, my mom and sister made these fun burger bean bags which showed up as backdrop décor in yesterday’s “Burger-n-Fries” post.

My sister, Dorothy, will be sharing the tutorial on how to make the burger bean bags on Thursday. I love that two pieces of felt sewn together and filled with beans can turn out this cute!

We were running short on prep time for my birthday party so my plan to create a plywood board to toss the bean bags at had to be scrapped. The night before the party I came up with the idea to use thick foam core. I traced circles on the board and cut them out with a craft knife. To finish them off, I added strips of full sheet labels to the interior of the holes. J notched out a few extra pieces of foam core as legs for the board to tilt. Add lil’ labels with scores on them—5, 10 and 15—and you’ve got an inexpensive bean bag toss!

For Jack and the Beanstalk, we reused the same board, added new labels in the shape of leaves and tossed the green and brown “bean” bags recycled from the burger.

Another one of my favorites debuted when I added numbered stickers and a few ping pong balls to nine buckets leftover from our Rehearsal Dinner to create “Bucket Ball” for my “Birth-Day-Que.” This game has been recycled over and over again for different themes including the “Driver County Fair.”

My all-time favorite activity is Mini Golf. It was a magical part of my childhood so when we celebrated my “Mini Milestone” birthday creating my own Mini Golf course was a MuST!

My birthday is in August so I picked up lil’ plastic golf sets when they went on sale. The sets came with lil’ holes, flags and balls but no obstacles. If you’ve ever played mini golf, you know that you MuST have obstacles!

To create the “greens,” I used bamboo skewers covered with straws and topped with stickers to outline the fairway. I wrapped 1″ wide ribbon around each stake then added my obstacles. Our quick and easy obstacles were photographs of me throughout the years adhered to foam core. We notched a lil’ stand out of foam core and inserted toothpicks in the bottom to insert into the ground. We cut holes in some of the obstacles for guests to try and hit their ball through.

It was a HuGe success with every age and it has made a return at every weather permitting party since!

Party activities don’t have to be expensive or over-the-top. Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact on your guests! I hope you’re inspired to create fun activities for your next celebration!


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