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{tipster tuesday} a country photo booth


Grab your notebook and pencils ‘cuz it’s…

It’s a 20 year reunion extravaganza! Oh no, silly…not mine. I am clearly not that old. Well, okay I am close, but I am still not old enough!

tara and maryann
I had the privilege of helping my dear friend plan her 20 year reunion at the Sportsman Lodge in northern Minnesota. Yeah, this place is what you’d expect it to be. We wanted to incorporate a little fun, a little whimsy and a touch of class to go with the folding chairs and tables. Given the location and the BBQ menu, we struggled a little bit at first to come up with the right combination for this party. I have to say I think we pulled it off and you can see all of the party details here.

Today I am sharing my favorite element from the party. Photo booths are all the rage right now which I love! I think capturing the people and moments at an event are almost as important as the event itself. Since the lodge was on a beautiful lake and very casual, we created a simplified version of a photo booth. It was the perfect photo booth for a beautiful summer evening!


Please step into our country evening photo booth and enjoy the breeze!


The best part is it’s an inexpensive and easy project!

What You Need:
1. Old Frame (this one came off a mirror that was going to charity)
2. Twine or Other Rope/Ribbon
3. Great Old Tree

Country Photo Booth Collage

How To:
1. Hang Twine over tree branches. If you are using a role of twine, you can simply throw the whole roll over the branch and then cut to size.
2. Tie to frame and adjust to ensure it’s level.
3. Picture time!! See I told you it was easy.

Cost: Free (old mirror and twine we already had)

MaryAnn Frame

Look at this hot chic…how can it be her 20 year high school reunion? For those of you too young for your 20 year high school reunion…there is lots of great stuff ahead. I love being in my 30’s! It truly is a great time of life. You figure out who you are and are comfortable with that—the good and the bad. So, here’s to 20 years away from high school!! Cheers!

Thanks for letting me share this fun day with you!

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  1. I REALLY like this idea, Tara. I’ll definately share this with the organizer of my college reunion. She will LOVE it!

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