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This week is flying by and it’s hard to believe the weekend is halfway here! We live for weekends. Two whole days with no interruptions. Two days to catch up on overdue projects, relax with loved ones and occasionally have a wonderful celebration! I hope you’re enjoying our REE-launch PaRtY! We’ve been celebrating for a week now and getting to know our new Piggy Bank Parties Crew! I am still amazed at the talent that we have gathered I can’t wait to share all the fun parties, tutorials and recipes they have created just for you!

Introducing Tara Odebrecht of Shindig Diva

Tara Odebrecht

I first “met” Tara when she submitted a Deposit to be featured on Oink! I knew we’d be instant friends when the party she submitted was centered around bacon! We’ll be featuring her bacon party later this month in addition to other parties she’s Deposited so stay tuned! Tara shared a bit of her background with us…

“I am the founder of the event design company Shindig Diva. I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my fabulous husband and children. I am a busy mom of three amazing, quirky and beautiful children. I have always had a love for parties, but I have a special passion for birthday parties. I believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated at least one day every year. I love to help people create amazing moments that will last them a lifetime because truly life is about friends and family!”

I love that Tara has such a passion for birthday parties and celebrating the individual! I wanted to get to know Tara a lil’ better so I asked her a few questions to learn a few quirky facts about her…

Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? That’s a great question. I have been on a fun adventure this last year trying to really figure that out…can I really earn a living doing something that I love so much. For now the answer is somewhere between part-time and just for fun. Currently I am a full-time mom, full-time business consultant and fun-time party planner. I’ll keep you posted as my journey continues!

How did you get started? I got started by planning parties for my family, then my friends and now for people I have never met. I love any opportunity to help people celebrate those who mean the most to them.

What is your favorite taste (salty, sweet, sour, tangy, etc.)? Definitely sweet.

Do you prefer cupcakes, cake or cookies at a birthday party? Wow! That’s a tough one. I am torn between cupcakes and cake. I must say it’s cake, but with impact. I love having a cake that is the centerpiece of a party. Something that makes people gasp when they see it.

What is your favorite decoration (streamers, balloons, poms, etc.)? I love pom-poms. They are so practical because they are so inexpensive. Pom-poms are easy to make, inexpensive, easy to customize to a theme and provide great impact.

What is your favorite color combination? Hopefully this isn’t too boring, but I love black and white. I think the basics are great and you can pair them with almost any color for amazing pops of color.

What are your favorite penny pinching tips?

  1. Gift Wrap Table Runner: Start with a roll of gift wrap that coordinates with colors of themes. Cut the paper into a strip 12” – 18” wide and the length of the table. This is an easy way to add pop to a table. It’s inexpensive and you can find tons of options. It’s a great way to tie into your theme.
  2. Scrapbook Paper Placemats: 12×12 scrapbook paper is another awesome way to coordinate with a theme inexpensively. You can find scrapbook paper at craft stores and paper specialty stores. Pairing 12×12 scrapbook as a placemat and layer on square paper plates. Big table impact not a lot of money.

Why did you want to join the Piggy Bank Parties Crew on Oink!? Ummm…because Piggy Bank Parties is awesome! I love the little piggy, Hank! Do I need to say more? You already know I have a passion for parties, but I don’t think big impact has to mean big money. I always work carefully to balance impact and cost. I consider every item to determine if I am getting the right bang for my buck. With a little creativity and planning you can really create big fun. I love Hank because he has the same passion for FABULOUS parties on a realistic budget. Piggy Bank Parties is all about parties for real life, real moms and real budgets.

I LoVe Hank, the Piggy Bank, too! I am so excited that Tara wanted to join our team. She actually created one of J’s favorite parties which we’ll be featuring in October…just in time for a lil’ Halloween inspiration! Until then, Tara shared FIVE favorite things that she has created…

I love her fun and whimsical style! If you’re a new fan of Tara, you can find her here…

Blog: http://www.shindigdiva.com/home/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shindig-Diva/144952375550570

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shindigdiva/

Are you ready to open your next GIFT?!? The REE-launch Party continues with matching Fill-In Candy Bar Wrappers!

Lots-O-Dots Candy Bar Wrappers

The best part…you can add your own text! We’ve set up the font, font color and font size so all you have to do is open the PDF file in Adobe Reader, click on the blue-ish grey box and type your text. Click here to download the Fill-In Candy Bar Wrappers for free!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

In case you missed the matching downloads, visit our Free Downloads page to collect them all!

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Tara and I look forward to introducing you to another member of the Piggy Bank Parties Crew tomorrow!

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  1. Maybe this is a silly question, but what size candy bar do these wrappers fit best? I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!

    1. Not a silly question at all! They fit a full-size candy bar like a Hershey’s Bar. Hope that helps clarify!

  2. WOAH!!!!! I <3 the wrapping candy paper thing x70000000!!!
    BACON PARTY!!!!??????? TOO AWESOME!!! Can't wait! :D

  3. Tara, I love the wrapping paper runner idea, too. The first photo of decorate your own cupcake is a great party activity! Can’t wait to see the bacon party!

    1. Aren’t they adorable?!? Need to try those for Valentine’s Day…or maybe this lil’ piggy’s anniversary!

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