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I LoVe Saturdays. Saturdays mean the official work week is over and it’s time to let out a big sigh. For those of us in the party world, it usually means pulling together those final touches for weekend celebrations or we’re already out the door producing an event. This week, it officially ends our REE-launch PaRtY! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the Piggy Bank Parties Crew as much as I have. There’s still one more new member to meet and she happens to be pretty special to me!

Introducing Dorothy Tarolli of Life is Sweet in Michigan

Dorothy Tarolli

Dorothy and I “officially” met the day I was born. Dorothy (aka Dort) is my big sis! She never officially applied to be my sister or to join the Crew on Oink! but she’s has been our loudest cheerleader from the beginning. Dort has actually been a member of the Piggy Bank Parties Crew for a long time now. She’s traveled from Michigan to bake and cook goodies for photo shoots and help with my birthday parties, faithfully followed Oink! from the first day and is our printables guinea pig—she prints and assembles products that I create to make sure the directions are clear. I could tell you lots of stories about Dort but here’s a little more of her background in her own words…

“I am a retired elementary teacher who loves Michigan history and sharing inexpensive ways for people to travel in Michigan. My blog, “Life is Sweet in Michigan” is co-written by my mom, Audrey, and sister, Nora, and the three of us have planned and decorated for a variety of parties and social events. Since both my mother and I were teachers, we have lots of crafty projects in our bag of tricks which can be adapted for parties that all ages will enjoy. I hosted the first “official” Piggy Bank Parties event in Michigan and have been a part of the PBP Crew for a few years now. Did I mention that Do is my little sis and she’s very good at recruiting?!? We look forward to sharing our ideas and recipes with you as we take you to some exciting destinations in the Great Lakes State!”

Dort will occasionally be sharing blogging duties with my mom, Audrey, and my other big sis, Nora. They’re quite a talented trio and they hear most of my crazy ideas before they turn into parties or products. You’ll get to know Audrey and Nora better in the future. In the meantime, I know a lot of quirky facts about Dort but I decided to ask her a few questions anyways…

Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? I do this just for fun.

How did you get started? Do is totally responsible for us being involved in the party arena. Even though I have always planned social events in college, at work and especially at church.

What is your favorite taste (salty, sweet, sour, tangy, etc.)? I am a sweet and salty together person.

Do you prefer cupcakes, cake or cookies at a birthday party? At a birthday party, I like to see a cake but cupcakes are fun for kids or quick bites.

What is your favorite decoration (streamers, balloons, poms, etc.)? I like a combination of streamers and balloons, but I’m warming up to banners.

What is your favorite color combination? I am always a green person but I like combining it with pink or peach. Green also looks great with purple and yellow or just a medium blue.

What are your favorite penny pinching tips?

  1. Use what you have around the house.
  2. Buy only what you need on sale or at a dollar store.
  3. Download your decorations from Piggy Bank Parties.

Why did you want to join the Piggy Bank Parties Crew on Oink!? I have some good ideas to share, along with my mother and sisters and Piggy Bank Parties is part of our family!

I really like her third penny pinching tip and Piggy Bank Parties is another member of our family! So I guess…y’all are family now! Dort shared FIVE favorite things that she has created…

Dort will be sharing how to make the burger bean bags from my birthday party on Oink! as well as some yummy recipes (I’m gettin’ the Ham & Cheese Bites recipe today!). As you can see from the photos, she’s our best customer. She recently tested a few new products at Nora’s birthday party, used a banner to decorate the family van for “Trunk or Treat” and hosted the first “official” Piggy Bank Parties’ celebration—her retirement party (This lil’ piggy may have helped a little!).  If you’re a new fan of Dorothy, you can find her here…

Blog: http://www.lifeissweetinmichigan.blogspot.com/

It’s time for PaRtY FaVoRs! The REE-launch Party continues with matching Party Hats!

Lots-O-Dots Party Hats

Click here to download the Party Hats for free!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

In case you missed the matching downloads, visit our Free Downloads page to collect them all!

It’s official. The party’s over. You have met all of the new members of the Piggy Bank Parties Crew! I am so excited to share the amazing things they’ve created just for you. Stop by later today to see how you can use all of the REE-launch PaRtY FaVoRs to create a Piggy Bank Party of your very own!

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  1. Miss Tarolli, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your grade 4 class in 2000. For the longest time I forgot your name but I recently found a class photo. I just wanted to apologize for how much of a jerk I was. You played a pivotal role in “breaking” me so to speak, and helped me to be a much more balanced individual. Your teaching has shaped me as a person and I’m very thankful.

  2. Dort,
    While working at church today answering phones I was looking at Trick or Trunk ideas and guess who’s popped up. I am going to use your sweet corn for sale idea, only turn it into a farmers market type display and dress like a farmer!! How wonderful to see your site pop up and what a small world it is. God does work in all ways. Love to you and the family, hope all are well. Love, Paula

    1. Paula. that is so funny! We’re doing great. We’re headed up to Mackinaw and Pickford next week for a few days so Mom can ben the old stomping grounds!
      Send pictures of Trunk or Treat on Facebook…can’t wait to see it. You should take the “Gator” and decorate it too! It could hold all of the treats! What fun!

  3. Those Ham & Cheese Bites look so good. I am going to need that recipe!!! Can’t wait for the burger bean bag post as well, my kids would love that.

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