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{the crew} introducing…aimee broussard!

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Before I make any introductions, I wanted to thank all of you for your overwhelmingly positive response to our REE-launch Party! Your excitement is so catagious that I’m having a hard time getting any actual work done! Thank U! Thank U! Thank U!

Speaking of being excited, I have been waiting for weeks to introduce you to the newest members of the Piggy Bank Parties Crew. Sometimes it’s so hard to keep a secret but I wanted to introduce these amazing party chicks to you during our REE-launch Party.


I first “met” Aimee when she applied to be a contributing writer here on Oink! The subject line on her application was, “Introducing…Your Next Oink! Contributor!!!” She pretty much had the job right then and there. A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee in person at SITS Bloggy Boot Camp. She’s a doll and it was so fun to actually meet in person! Now every time I read her emails and posts, I hear a lil’ Southern accent in my head.

Aimee is a talented event planner and I hope you enjoy getting to know her. I always love learning about someone’s background and this is what Aimee shared with us…

“A graduate of Louisiana College, I traded in a career in corporate insurance for something a little more…FUN. With a passion for designing creative and innovative events, I am quickly redefining social settings in the South. I have participated and networked with the executives at Martha Stewart Omnimedia as part of a panel of 80 women owned brands, through their “Dreamers Into Doers” division. I recently added pet styling to my repertoire when asked to design for Pawsh Magazine. Locally, you can find me gracing the front page of the PEOPLE section of The Advocate, inRegister magazine, coordinating events for Petropolitan, designing for the Miss Dogwood Festival pageant, and tons of birthday parties and baby showers in between.

My rapid success comes from my attention to detail and desire to transform ordinary days into extraordinary events.”

Of course, I also like to know some quirky facts about the people I hang out with…so I asked Aimee a few more questions…

Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? Full time.

How did you get started? When I realized I had more creative ideas than a potential wedding planner I consulted.

What is your favorite taste (salty, sweet, sour, tangy, etc.)? Sweet

Do you prefer cupcakes, cake or cookies at a birthday party? A simple, yet really well designed cake. 

What is your favorite decoration (streamers, balloons, poms, etc.)? I’m a pom girl, but can’t live without balloons at a party.  

What is your favorite color combination? I can’t possibly choose just one. My wedding—platinum gray & hot pink. I love aqua & red. Pewter & yellow.

What are your 3 favorite penny pinching tips?

  1. Use things you already have in new ways.
  2. Only purchase decor that can be reused.
  3. Before ordering anything online ask yourself, “self, can I make that?”

Why did you want to join the Piggy Bank Parties Crew on Oink!? Oink! is an incredibly creative site, it is relevant to today’s economy, and quite honestly, I just wanted in on the fun!

LoVe those answers…especially the last one! Aimee also shared FIVE favorite things that she has created…

…and she shared why these are her favorites…

  1. “You Are My Sunshine” edible lyrics cake because it’s genius.
  2. “You Are My Sunshine” dessert table because of the vintage pieces and mis-matched parasols. The hot pink one was used by my flower girls.
  3. Cake Balls used as cupcake topper because as they were sliding off the sticks, I wouldn’t compromise on not using them.
  4. Lucy Pawty directional sign. Again, that sign was used in my wedding and has been repainted for nearly every event I’ve done.
  5. Pawsh Magazine photo shoot and our “model” reaffirming that I can bake for doggies too.

Anyone who throws a pawty for their puppy is kool with this lil’ piggy! If you’re a new fan of Aimee, you can find her here…

Website: www.aimeebroussard.com

Blog: http://blog.aimeebroussard.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AimeeBroussardEvents

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AimeeBroussard

Speakin’ of fans and parties…it’s time for another GIFT! The REE-launch Party continues with a matching BaNneR!

Lots-O-Dots Banner

Lots-O-Dots Banner

The best part…you can add your own text using Adobe Reader to create a completely custom banner for any occasion! Click here to download the Banner for free!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

In case you missed the matching downloads, visit our Free Downloads page to snatch them up! {By the way, if you downloaded the Cake Stakes yesterday, I’d suggest re-downloading them ‘cuz this lil’ piggy made a lil’ mistake. I was so excited about the launch that I didn’t check all the colors—oops!}

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Aimee and I look forward to introducing you to another member of the Piggy Bank Parties Crew tomorrow!


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  1. Funny, I remember having the discussion with Aimee about her lack of southern accent! Whether she speaks like one or not, this girl is southern through and through…and I love her for it!! :)

  2. I love it! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your Crew! And for the sweet compliments.
    We are going to have a blast, I just know it.
    PS: You caught a Southern accent?! It comes out when I get really excited……….which is practically all the time! :)

    1. Well…we LoVe you and look forward to seeing what you create!

      {hogs and kisses!}

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