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{sponsored} happy trails :: a farewell party

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Piggy Bank Parties received free product samples or compensation from Oriental Trading for purposes of this post, but the opinions are 100% all mine. Y’all know this lil’ piggy likes the truth…and nothin’ but the truth!

Howdy, y’all! From the way I write my blog posts would you guess I’m a Midwestern piggy who doesn’t have a lick of an accent? {giggle} For some reason, whenever I start typing the accent takes over! Today though, I reckon a Texas drawl would be the perfect tone for sharing our recent “Happy Trails!” farewell party!

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection Farewell2

A few months back Oriental Trading sent me a gift card to do a lil’ shopping. At the time, I was designing a cowgirl party for a magazine photo shoot. I was so excited because I’ve been in love with Oriental Trading’s Red Bandana Party Lanterns for ages and knew they would be the first items in my shopping cart. I also picked up a dozen red bandanas, Rusty Barbwire Cord, craft sticks and a Paper Plate Horse Craft Kit.

A week after placing my order, I received an email from the magazine publisher letting me know they were postponing the issue due to another project. The box full of goodies from Oriental Trading sat in our office for a couple of months {staring at me daily} while we were distracted by our house sale drama. When we finally set a date for our farewell party, I knew the perfect theme, “Happy Trails!” We’d be able to say goodbye to our friends at a fun and casual celebration before riding off into the sunset.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 1B

Since we are moving, I wanted to use as many items as I could from my party stash and pantry so I’d have less to pack. Due to downsizing to an apartment, we’ve sold a lot of furniture which meant we had to pull pieces from around the house to set up our party area. Everything for the party was set up along a single wall since the rest of the house is full of boxes.

An upcycled baby crib side rail which we use as a blanket rack was the base of the backdrop for the buffet. The well-worn side rail reminded me of split rail fences you’d see out on the range. The side rail was decorated with the Happy Trails Banner, fringed flowers made from unbleached coffee filters and the Rusty Barbwire Cord. I was planning to use the barbwire throughout the party but fell in love with the way it looked just hanging on the “fence.” It’s such a unique item and totally kid-friendly since they’re aren’t any sharp edges.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 9

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 22

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 11

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 21

Besides being adorable, the Red Bandana Party Lanterns from Oriental Trading are easy to put together, disassemble and store after you use them. We hung six lanterns above the buffet to finish off the backdrop.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 23

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 4

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 10

Our tablecloths are all packed so I used eight bandanas to create a tablecloth for the buffet. Since my sewing supplies are also in a box somewhere, I couldn’t sew the bandanas together to make the tablecloth so I pulled out a roll of clear packing tape. To create your own no-sew tablecloth, lay the bandanas front side down on a flat surface and add packing tape along the seams. I found working with two bandanas at a time gave me a smoother finished product.

[NOTE]: If you use packing tape to make a tablecloth, trim any excess threads along the edges of the bandanas. Carefully and slowly pull the tape off of the bandanas. If you don’t trim the threads, the packing tape will pull them when you try to remove it. Remove the tape right after your party because it will leave a sticky residue if it’s left on too long.

I added the jean inspired paper from the Happy Trails Collection to the back of my slow cooker to seamlessly coordinate with the rest of the buffet. It was filled with Ridin’ the Trail Beans and Franks—jazzed up canned pork and beans with sliced turkey hot dogs pulled from the pantry and fridge. Since I was using what I had on hand, guests filled reusable red plastic bowls and plates with goodies from the buffet and wooden silverware was wrapped in white napkins tied with natural twine.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 5

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 13

The rest of the buffet menu included Get Along Lil’ Salad and Corn Muffins with Butter and Honey. Everything was served in portion sized cups so they were easy to grab and kept the line moving. Hungry cowpoke don’t like to wait for their vittles!

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 14

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 24

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection Party Cards Lil' Party Tags

For a lil’ sweet and salty treat, the cowpoke grabbed a cone of Cowboy Corn off the wall. Bamboo cones were filled with Kettle Corn and Dark Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn then hung on wire hangers with mini clothes pins. The wire hangers were a daily deal I picked up from Pick Your Plum which were hung on two picture hooks already on the wall in our dining room. I covered the hardware with HAM-made signs.

To create the signs, I printed out four jean inspired pages from the Happy Trails Paper on cardstock. I attached two pieces together with adhesive and used a corner punch to create a finished sign shape. Using natural craft sticks from Oriental Trading, a pair of scissors, a brown marker and adhesive dots, I spelled out Cowboy Corn and attached them with adhesive dots to the jean signs. Then I grabbed my trusty double-stick tape and attached them to the wall to cover up the hardware.

TIP: Use a good pair of scissors to cut the craft sticks but don’t use your best scissors! If you use good scissors, the craft sticks will cut easily and rarely have splintered edges. If they do splinter, trim off the splinter and use a lil’ sand paper to remove any rough edges.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 8

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 18

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 30

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 29

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 19

Guests washed down all the goodies with Riding Off into the Sunset Punch—citrus punch, strawberry Kool-Aid and 7UP—served in daisy lid topped Mason jars. The daisy lids along with the red chevron straws were both daily deals from The Plaid Barn. I embellished the straws with lil’ party flags made from the jean inspired paper.

I trimmed the bottom of the Happy Trails Lil’ Party Tags and Party Cards to mimic jean pockets. Since I didn’t serve cupcakes, I used the Lil’ Party Tags on candles and servingware throughout the party space. As you can see, I have a huge stash of Mason jars which I use for serving beverages and as candle holders. I’ve had most of the jars for 10+ years…long before they were trendy! {giggle} I highly recommend keeping a set of Mason jars around for parties and you can even order them now from Oriental Trading.
Piggy Bank Parties Riding Off Into the Sunset Punch

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 25

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 26

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection Lil' Party Tags

An activity station aka the Horse Corral was set up in the dining room. We kept the lil’ cowpoke busy with a Paper Plate Horse Craft Kit from Oriental Trading. I’ll share more details about the kit and a lil’ giveaway later this week.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 36

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 41

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 38

After a lot of laughs, tearful goodbyes and big bear hugs, we sent our friends home with a lil’ Cowboy Corn and a mini harmonica to play when they’re out on the range. I added Happy Trails Favor Tags to the front of simple kraft boxes and embellished them with mini lassos {both coming soon to The Market}. The mini lassos may be my favorite lil’ detail from the party…but then there’s the lanterns, bandana tablecloth, horse corral…let’s just say I loved it all!Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection Favors

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Oriental Trading for inspiring the theme and décor for our farewell party! I’ve always ordered their craft kits for our own personal events but I’m really impressed by all of the party decorations they now offer. It was really hard to narrow down my final choices since they have so many great products to choose from.

I hope you had a Rootin’ Tootin’ good time today. It was the perfect way to end this chapter of our lives. I hope you’re inspired to stop by all week for more fun on the range and a giveaway or two…or three!





Printables, Favor Boxes, Design, Styling and Photography: Piggy Bank Parties

Lanterns, Bandanas, Craft Kit, Craft Sticks and Barbwire Cord: Oriental Trading

Wire Hangers: Pick Your Plum

Daisy Mason Jar Lids and Chevron Straws: The Plaid Barn

Bamboo Tasting Cups and Cones: Pick On Us

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  1. Can I get the recipe (ratios?) for the punch? Sounds delicious!!

    1. We apologize for the delay in responding! For the “Riding Off into the Sunset Punch,” we used 1 gallon of Citrus Punch (e.g., Tampico, Sunny D, etc.), 2 quarts of Strawberry Kool-Aid (1 envelope) and 2 liters of 7UP. We also like to replace the Strawberry Kool-Aid with Hawaiian Punch, Minute Maid Berry Punch or Cranberry Juice. We’d love to know if you use the recipe!

  2. Great idea! Love the way you set this up.

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