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{rootin’ tutin’ thursday} getaway journal

Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns ‘cuz it’s…

In 13 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes and 4 seconds, J and I are hitting the road for our 10th wedding anniversary trip. We’re heading back to where we were married—Mackinac Island, Michigan. We had planned to renew our vows on our 10th anniversary surrounded once again by our family and friends on the Island. Life has a funny way of not going as we plan it and we decided that a “just the two of us” celebration was exactly what we needed.

I’ve thrown a lot of huge shindigs but most of my favorite memories are from small, intimate celebrations. Sometimes these celebrations last one night, over a weekend with close friends or maybe a whole week with a special someone. I love to gather mementos from these celebrations and write down special memories in a journal. Today I wanted to share a lil’ journal I created last year for May Arts.

It’s a “Getaway Journal” but you can create one for any occasion!


  • 9”of May Arts Ribbon per page
  • Graphic 45 On the Boardwalk Collection
  • Graphic 45 Die Cut Alphabet 2
  • Graphic 45 Kraft Envelope Album
  • Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive and HighTac Adhesive
  • Scrap Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pop-up Adhesive
  • Optional: Brayer

I love a lined envelope. It’s like a little surprise when you open the flap! Here’s a mini-tutorial:

1. Trace the envelope flap and cut it out. Note: It is not necessary to line the entire envelope unless it is clear or thin.

2. Place the envelope on the template you created then move it 3/16” from the left side. Trace the side of the envelope and flap. Use the same technique on the ride side and the top. The finished outline should look like a smaller version of the envelope (see Photo 6).

3. Use your template to create liners for each of the envelopes. Add adhesive to the flap portion of the liner only. Liners need to be able to move slightly and if they are tacked down inside the envelope there is a chance they will wrinkle the envelope.

4. Fold the flap down and press firmly. I roll a brayer over the folded flap to crease the liner. Pre-scoring the liner is another option but in my experience, the finished liners don’t fit the envelope as well.

5. To embellish the exterior flap of the envelope, trace only the flap portion of the template. Hint: Create a clear template using a transparency then you’ll see where on the paper you are tracing.

6. On the left envelope, add paper, your favorite May Arts ribbon, and photos from the getaway.

7. On the right envelope, attach a paper postcard, letters, and embellishments from Graphic 45.

8. I created Journaling Cards to slip in each envelope to write down memories from the getaway. Ta-Da!

I wanted to get you started on creating your own journal with a little gift…

Click here to download the {free} Journaling Cards.

 I hope you’re inspired to capture those special celebrations in your life!


  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for the download of the free journalling cards. They are so cute! I was going to cut them up and pass out one to each member of my women’s group so they could write a quote on it to keep. Would that be allowed according to “do not distribute” or not? It is a group that meets in my home.
    Thank you!

    1. We appreciate you contacting us, Alicia! To clarify, the “do not distribute” means you shouldn’t email the digital file to your friends, family or the world, post the file somewhere else for others to download it nor sell the file/finished product for profit.

      However, you can definitely print them and use them for your women’s group! We created them exactly for that reason and we love to hear how you’ll be using them. Thanks for asking though.

      We’d love to see pics of your group with their filled in quote cards. Use #piggybankparties or tag us @piggybankparties if you share on social media or you can always email us a photo, too.

      1. Gotcha! Thank you for your timely response!! I didn’t use them today because I wanted to make sure first, but if I do again in the next few weeks I will plan to take a picture for you!
        Thank you so much! They are way cuter than just using index cards and girls always like cuter better!!! You’re very generous!
        Thanks again!

        1. Our pleasure, Alicia! We love being able to share fun and easy printables for our fans! Be sure to sign up for our the “PBP Fan Club” on the blog. We’ll be sharing even more free downloads in the PBP Fan Club Newsletter.

  2. Thank you for the journal tags .have not used them yet but printed and saved for later.
    hugs Shirley-Anne

    1. Our pleasure, Shirley-Anne! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! It was exactly what I needed to make a label for my father-in-law’s present (cake in a cup mix, presented in an apothecary jar).

    1. You’re very welcome, Dulci! What a great way to use the Journaling Card! Sounds like a great gift and hope you father-in-law loves it! Thanks for stoppin’ by and commenting!

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