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{rootin’ tutin’ thursday} burger bean bags

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Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns ‘cuz it’s…

When the phone rings and I see it’s my little sister, Do, on the line, one of my first thoughts is often, “I wonder what project she has come up with that she wants me to make?” I think she’s trying to keep me busy now that I’m retired from teaching! The phone rang back in July during the planning stages of Do’s birthday party, “Driver’s Drive-In,” with such a request. “Can you make beans bags that look like the parts of a burger?” I, of course, took on the task and designed the bean bags for the “Flip Your Burger” bean bag toss and Audrey, our mom, added her sewing expertise.

Materials Needed

  • Felt: Tan, Dark Brown, Red, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Dark Yellow and White
  • Coordinating Thread
  • White Embroidery Thread
  • Beans, Lentils or Rice
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Pins
  • Funnel


1. Gather your materials and cut out the templates. Click here for the templates.

2. Pin templates to the felt for each corresponding piece.

3. Cut 2 of each piece except cut 1 top bun, 3 buns, 1 mustard and 1 catsup (aka ketchup). {Note}: We cut out the burger patty with pinking shears to mimic the not quite perfect edge of a patty.

4. To make the onion look like a red onion, we put reddish purple thread on the sewing machine. Beginning at the center of one layer of the onion, sew in a spiral stopping about ¼ inch from the edge of the felt.  Repeat this with the other onion piece.

5. Arrange the catsup, mustard and pickles on top of one onion slice and sew on with the machine or by hand.

6. Top-stitch the two layers of the onion together approximately ¼” from the edge. Leave an opening of 1½ inches in order to fill with beans, lentils or rice.

7. Fill the onion “bag” with beans, lentils or rice using a small funnel. Allow some space in the bag for movement—if they are too full they don’t sail through the air as well.

8. Stitch the bag closed on the machine or by hand.

9. Embroider 11-12 white French knots onto the top layer of the top bun (the largest tan circle) to create the “sesame seeds.”

{Hint}: If you don’t embroider, use a black or brown permanent marker to make small marks resembling the top of an onion roll.

10. Assemble the top bun easing the top layer onto the bottom layer and leaving a 1½” opening. This bag will need more filing than the others.  You want to achieve that “rounded” look that top buns have.

11. Assemble the other parts of the burger by stitching the pieces together ¼” from the edge of the felt. Leave the same opening for filling the bags, fill and stitch closed.

12. When you have completed the bottom bun, burger, lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, catsup and top bun…stack your burger. {Note}: This burger is non-edible.

13. We made a bean bag board out of a 30” x 40” piece of 1/2″ foam core board and cut holes that were a little larger than the parts of the burger. We gave each of the five holes a points value (5, 10 and 15) then my sister, Nora, had to do a test run of the toss to “make sure it would work!”

Don’t these bags look good enough to eat?

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  1. Mariah, the person that had the most fun before and after the party with the beanbags was a “big kid” named J!

    1. We had a great time with it and it’s now one of our standard games at all the Driver parties!

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