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{real parties} trunk or treat: the end


Did you miss the first part of our “{real parties} trunk or treat: the beginning?” Click here to read about the event and see pictures from past years. Did you guess what our theme was? Did you choose the correct logo? Are you ready for more?

We would like to present this year’s award winning trunk….{drumroll}

Trix and Treat’s Bake Shoppe included a bakery counter, the big oven and one cute baker! Our Bake Shoppe logo was created from our Sugar Cookie Welcome Sign from The Sugar Cookie Collection.

The aprons were made from old curtains–I know, very “Sound of Music!” I used another apron as a template for the shape and added May Arts ribbon for the ties. Then I printed the Sugar Cookie Welcome Sign on iron-on transfer paper and pulled out my trusty craft iron. Ta-Da! A super quick costume using supplies I had around the house. I was Trix and J was Treat!

Our Bake Shoppe offered the best treats…

It’s time to bake some treats…

The timer went off…but be careful! The oven is HoT!

Then our CuTe baker decided to sneak one of the treats…

He didn’t realize they were just for show! He was happy though that we won this fabulous prize package—winshield washer fluid and a $25 gas card!

We had a great time again this year. As you can tell by the photos, J gets really into character…and the kids and adults LoVe it! He steals the show every year!

Want to learn how to make the faux cupcakes and cookies? How about the lighted “HOT” sign? Leave a comment and we’ll post a tutorial.

Piggy Bank Parties’ Penny Pincher’s Breakdown:

720 Pieces of Candy = $31.75

2 Chef’s Hats = $10.46

TOTAL = $42.21

Paper Goods  ♥  Piggy Bank Parties
 Ribbon {Style: KB38}  ♥  May Arts
Silicone Oven Mitt  ♥  OXO
Chef’s Hat  ♥ Bed, Bath and Beyond
4-Tier Stacked Dessert Tower  ♥  Wilton
Square Premium Plastic Plates  ♥  Party City
Black Wire Shelf  ♥  Target

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  1. Can I get the tutorial on all the bake shop ideas. From oven, signs,cupcakes. Cookies , apron etc. we are having trunk n treat at the end of the month.

  2. Please send me directions of how to make the fake cupcakes & cookies!!!!
    I love this & I want to do this for our church Trunk or Treat!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. We hope to create tutorials for both the faux cupcakes and the faux cookies this year. If you’re not a regular reader, we suggest signing up for the PBP Fan Club (our newsletter) which will let you know when we feature new tutorials, exclusive free downloads and coupons for our shop. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. As you can see by my email address I love to bake. Our church is doing this again this year and though I have not been involved before I was thinking of doing something this year. This would be a great idea for me. Please send the tutorial. Thanks in advance!

  4. Cupcakes are my specialty! Please show me how you made the cupcakes and cookies as well as the props.

  5. Love this idea. Please share how to make cookies and cupcakes. Since our event is tomorrow evening this will have to be one I work on for next year.

  6. How did you make the cookies? They are perfect! My daughter and her friend are going to do this at our first trunk or treat. Thank you

  7. Love this! How did you make your hot sign, where was your oven sign located, what did you wrap the bottom of you suv with, and what type of tables did you put in the back of your vehicle to put the treats on? Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Shanda! The “HOT” box was made from a shoebox, vellum, scotch tape and two mini tap lights (battery operated lights you tap to turn on). We just set it on top of the SUV.

      The “Oven” sign was used to cover up the car logo on our back window.

      The bottom part of the SUV was covered by tying cardboard that had been covered in silver paper around the back of the SUV’s door. We had two sections so they would easily fit around the wheel.

      We used an end table from our living room inside the “Oven” to set the treat-filled cupcake pans on.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Love love love your bake shop…..please share your instructions as to how to do the oven thank you sooooo much. We are having our trunk or treat this coming Saturday night 10/27/12 and I would love to use this as my theme.
    Thank you in advance for any help,
    Karen Belue

    1. I’m so sorry for my “too late” response! We’re in the midst of a big office redo and I haven’t been on Oink! this week. I hope you were able to create something similar and you had a great time!

      In case you need it for next year, we created an orange “gel” for the lights by printing an 8.5″ x 11″ orange box on transparency paper (office supply store). We cut the transparency into four quarters and taped one quarter on each of our $5 flashlights to give the oven a “glow.” Then we placed the flashlights on top of the backseat. We double-stick taped an “Oven” logo over our car’s logo and put a small table inside to set our baking goods on. We’re using “the oven” again tonight for our Pizzeria-themed trunk.

      Happy Halloween!

  9. PLEASE send me instructions! My 15 year old wants to be a pastry chef for Halloween (and real life!). We are having our first trunk or treat ever!

  10. This is so adorable. and I want to do it for our church trunk or treat event. I came up with the baker idea and searched on line for ideas not expecting this! It is GREAT!! Thank you for sharing and I am excited to get started. Please send me the how to’s.

  11. ha ha ha LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! So creative and fun. J’s FUN personality just JUMPS out of the page!

    Hmm, I better step up my trunk for my Trick or Trunk on Thursday, it’s suddenly looking pretty weak!

  12. Yes, please do a tutorial so we can know the fab secrets and I can share b/c that is the cutest evah!

  13. Thanks, Brittany!

    We had a great time planning this year's trunk décor! It also helps to have such a willing participant–the baker!

  14. This is one of the most creative things I have ever seen!!!

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