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Our first “unofficial” Piggy Bank Parties’ event was an “Old MacDonald’s Farm” 1st birthday celebration. This is one of our all-time favorite parties—it’s simple, it’s homespun and it’s affordable. A perfect Piggy Bank Party!

Inspiration: Jakob was the birthday boy and he LOVED the song, “Old MacDonald’s Farm.”

Invitation: J, our über talented artist, created the adorable Barnyard Buddies farm scene and Do (like do-re-mi) added the details. We printed the invitation on heavyweight white cardstock and hand-cut around the artwork for a fun shape. Directions on how to do this are included when you purchase the Barnyard Buddies Invitation from The Market.

Games-n-Activities: Jakob’s mom, Michelle, is a dear friend of mine and loves all the traditional games and activities we grew up playing. We love taking classic games and putting a twist on them to fit the theme of the party. Here are a few favorites Michelle chose:

  • “Old MacDonald’s” Sing-A-Long: Classic songs including the inspiration song, “Old MacDonald’s Farm”
  • Face Painting: Jakob’s aunt volunteered to paint faces
  • Cow Chip Toss: We all have a little prankster in us and this was a nod to the theme without the mess! Two ways to play this game–{1} Label buckets with a score then have the players stand behind a line and toss. The highest score wins! {2} Throw for distance. The longest throw wins!
  • Potato Sack Races: Pull out your old pillowcases, mark a start and finish line–cones, ribbon, landscaper spray paint, etc.–and say, “Go!” All the giggles are a bonus!
  • Egg-n-Spoon Relay: Divide your guests into different teams and have them form a line. The first person in line places an egg on a spoon and the second player in line has an empty spoon. After you say, “Go!” the first player runs to the other end of the lane, goes around a cone and heads back to the start. If they drop or touch their egg, they must start over. Once they make it back to the start, they must transfer the egg to the second player’s spoon without using their hands or dropping it. The first team to successfully finish wins! Note: If the teams are uneven, some players may need to go more than once.
  • Wheel Barrow Races: Teams of two get in the wheel barrow position (see photograph) and race from the start to the finish line. For a more challenging version have the teams switch positions half-way through the race. The first to cross the finish wins!
  • Pie Eating Contest: Fill small graham cracker crusts will whipped cream and place on a sturdy table. Players must put their hands behind their backs and clean out the pie shell. The first to do this wins a blue ribbon!

{Quick Tutorial} Cow Chips

  • Form a hamburger patty out of brown air-dry clay from the craft store
  • Flatten it to about 1/4″ thick
  • Place on wax paper and allow them to dry 24-48 hours

Snacks-n-Such: Michelle decided to have snacks versus the expense of a barbeque. It was a great decision! Snacks-n-Such included Cow Tales (HUGE hit!), Old-Fashioned Lemon Drops, Shoestring Potato Sticks (an ode to hay), Fresh Strawberries, Homemade Snack Mix, Veggies & Dip and Cupcakes & Ice Cream.

This party took place long before we starting taking pictures of our décor but the snacks were on a gingham tablecloth and the Barnyard Buddies were grazing around the table!

Finishing Touches: Michelle offered bandanas to her guests and it was a great way to have them join in the theme of the day. She also placed farm animals, barns and tractors throughout the party as décor that you could play with. And…the game winners all received a blue ribbon!

How’d we do that? We had some blue ribbons leftover from another client. We printed “1st Place” on a clear label and placed it on the button of the ribbon. You can purchase blank ribbons online and design your own label. BUT….why buy when you can create-your-own blue ribbon! Visit Oink! on Wednesday for our {Tutorial} Create-Your-Own Blue Ribbon which includes a present for our loyal followers!

Hank’s Hint: I LOVE bandanas! They have so many uses–an inexpensive favor (usually $1 or less), a “green” napkin, fun décor, a quick costume, wrapping for gifts or use them to tie two legs together for a three-legged race. Bandanas are AWESOME!

Since Jakob’s party, we have expanded the Barnyard Buddies collection to include the invitation, banners, cake stakes, favor bag toppers, thank you notes and so much more! Visit The Market for all the items you’ll need to create a Piggy Bank Party of your very own!

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  1. I love looking at farm parties. I planned one for my daughter’s third birthday. I made a pig cake, a produce stand from a box for the kids to play in and had the kids eat there ice cream from a wooden trough that my husband made.

    1. Farm parties are so fun! Sounds like you created a great party for the kids!

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