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J, my hubby and fellow Piggy Bank Parties’ Crew member, was blessed with a December birthday. Since it falls two weeks before Christmas, I try to make it a special celebration that has little to do with the holiday season.

Inspiration: When J mentions that he likes something, I usually tuck that little bit of info into a file for future party and gift inspiration. About six months before his birthday, he mentioned that the movie, “Mouse Hunt,” was great!

I thought about elements from the movie–mouse, mouse traps, cheese, slapstick comedy, string cheese–and then it came to me. A “Cheesy” Birthday for the “Cheesiest” Guy I know! You see, my husband is hilarious! We often try to out-pun each other and see who makes the other laugh the loudest. He is truly a “cheese” ball!

The Invitation: Last fall we were incredibly busy with orders and I only had a couple of hours to design, print and mail the invitations. I knew I needed to use whatever supplies I had on hand–white cardstock, yellow envelopes and twine. I remembered this cheese artwork we created for a client so I quickly designed this “cheesy” invite. It’s not my best work but it got the point across!

{the “stringed” cheese invitation}

{The actual invitation didn’t say “Hank TheBank” but for some reason I put that on the sample instead of J’s name!}

I asked our guests to bring a “cheesy” appetizer and a “cheesy” one-liner or their “cheesiest” joke. Our friends often ask if they can bring something to one of our parties so I usually include it in the invitation. They get so excited about bringing a “themed” food and then they don’t feel obligated to bring a hostess gift.

J and I also feel that spending time with our friends is more important than material gifts. I usually request that our guests bring a joke, a recipe or make a card (I provide the card and envelope) instead of a gift. We put the jokes, recipes and cards in a scrapbook and have lasting memories from our parties. It also helps our friends keep a little more in their own piggy banks!

The Food: Besides the appetizers brought by the guests, our spread included “cheese” fondue with lots of dippers—veggies, apples, bread, honey wheat pretzels, ham and meatballs. If you don’t have a fondue pot…get one! {Hmm…I might have to make some for lunch today!} 

{the “cheesy” buffet}

{more “cheese” arrived!}

The beverages included “cheesy” punch and water with a side of hot cocoa–it was December!

{the “cheesy” punch was a hit!} 

“Cheesy” Punch Recipe: Mix and enjoy!

  • 1/2 Citrus Punch (Sunny D, Tampico or similar)
  • 1/2 Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite, 7-Up, Sierra Mist or similar)
  • Optional: Orange Slices

The Decor: The house was already decorated for Christmas so I kept the party décor simple. A yellow gingham tablecloth graced the buffet. I used orange buckets and an orange polka dot glass for the utensils. {Can you tell I was busy? The forks, knives and spoons are all left from other parties and take-out bags!} I also used “Laughing Cow” cheese boxes to fill in dead spots on the buffet.

{a little “cheesy” décor} 

I added a “cheesy” mini-banner to the fireplace décor and hung cheese wedges on the Christmas tree {sadly, no picture!}.

The Activities: I set up a low table in the middle of the kitchen and surrounded it with pillows for the munchkins. The table was set with crayons, stickers and “cheesy” coloring sheets.

{“cheesy” masterpieces} 

Our inspiration movie, “Mouse Hunt,” played in the background while we munched on “cheesy” goodness. We paused the movie and {literally} turned the spotlight on J! We turned off all the lights and used an uplight for plants as a spotlight. J stood in the spotlight, spoke into a plastic microphone and read the “cheesy” one-liners and “cheesiest” jokes that our guests brought as a gift. We had the best time!

We are blessed with friends who really get into the theme of our events. My friend, Patti, sent this message which I had to share with our guests…and with you!

“It was goudayou to invite us to your cheesy party. We’re feeling bleubecause we won’t be able to make it. We wish that we could be there. I’m sure the foods would have been wonderful; we’re sorry we won’t be there to Edam. I also know we’ll misscheddaring with all the other fun people. We hope we’llbrie able to make the next party. We Swiss you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!”

{Patti, you’re the best!}

After we were pleasantly filled with dairy and the moans had died down from the endless one-liners and jokes, it was time for The “Cheesiest” Tournament!

{the “cheesiest” tournament}

We played three rounds of “Mouse Trap” and whoever won would forever be known as, “The Big Cheese!”

{a “cheesy” game}

{Drumroll} …and the “Big Cheese!” was….MARCUS!

{the “big cheese!”}

Marcus shared his prize–“BIG Cheez-its” and The “BIG Cheese!” medallion–with his lovely wife, Jessica. {Can you see where the “Cheesiest” Guy theme came from? J’s ode to Isaac, the Bartender, from “Love Boat!”}

The Cake: Midway through the tournament, it was time for the “Cheese” Cake. J is not a big cheesecake fan so I made my version of a cheesecake…a cake shaped like cheese!

{the “cheese” cake}

After baking and stacking the two-layer chocolate cake on a pizza stone, I cut a large wedge out of it. I then frosted it with “cheesy” buttercream and added matching candies to simulate holes in the cheese. I added a few graham “crackers” and a “cheese” slicer for effect.

The Favors: As our guests were leaving the “chees-tastic” party, we offered them a little “cheesy” takeout–cheese popcorn!

{“may the cheese be with you!”} 

The After Party Reflection: My cheeks hurt from laughing…it was an easy party to plan, set-up and tear-down…

{the “cheesy” guy}

…and that smile was priceless! Ilove ya, J!

Quick Tutorial: Create-Your-Own “cheesy” invitation using this quick tutorial. Here we go….

Supply List:

  • Yellow Cardstock
  • White Scrap Paper
  • Envelope
  • Standard Hole Punch
  • Printer

1. Layout your invitation wording. Use any program you like–even Word!

2. Print your invitation on White Scrap Paper.

3. Figure out where the holes in the cheese should be, punch and create a template.

{print a test sheet and make a hole template}

4. Print the invitation on Yellow Cardstock.

5. Place the white template over the yellow invitation and punch your holes.

{Easy “Cheesy” Invitation}

6. Place in an envelope, address, seal, stamp and mail.

7. Ta-da! You have an Easy “Cheesy” Invitation!

We hope this inspires you to have a “Cheesy” party of your very own!

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