Party Leftovers: Upcycling Your Mismatched Favor Bags

Has this ever happened to you? Every package of favor bags in every store within a 50 mile radius has 8, 12 or 15 bags in it. You need 10. Ten cute little bags for your party.

It’s the hot dog versus hot dog bun dilemma all over again!

After a few parties, you find yourself with a pile of mismatched favor bags. What do you do with them?

Make a super cute garland, of course!

It’s perfect for your next party or to brighten up a room in your home.

Step 1: Download, print and cut out the template then punch the marked holes.

HANK’S HINT: If your bags are smaller or larger than 5″ x 7″, we suggest decreasing or enlarging the template when printing. Adjust the “scale” in the print preview window.

Step 2: Line up the template as directed and trace the forked edge onto the front of each bag with the pencil.

Step 3: Cut off the forked bottom of the pennant.

Step 4: Punch holes in the top two corners of each pennant.

Step 5: Thread twine, ribbon, yarn or floss through the holes.

Step 6: Hang your garland and TA-DA!

Since the bags easily move along the hanger, you can also spread the bags apart if you need to make the garland longer. My favorite part though is it can be hung in the middle of a room since it’s double-sided!

Have fun upcycling your mismatched favor bag stash and creating an adorable garland for next to nothing!

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