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party garland techniques

Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns ‘cuz it’s…

I love little details. The little details are those tiny little touches that take a party from ordinary to extraordinary! One of my favorite lil’ touches are garlands. You can use them to dress up a backdrop, as bunting on a sweet treat or to decorate a window in your party space. The possibilities are endless!

Garlands can be quick, easy and not break the bank. You can make them with things you already have around the house or use some cute printables for a lil’ extra “WoW!” Today I’m sharin’ THREE party garland techniques that I use over and over again for parties and product shoots.

The Punch-n-Thread Garland technique featuring our Love Rocks Tini Banner requires three things…

  1. paper punch
  2. something-to-punch—printables, circles, squares, hearts, etc.
  3. ribbon, twine or string

Simply [1] punch holes in the upper corners of your something-to-punch, [2] thread ribbon, twine or thread through the holes and [3] attach it to anything you want—straws, cups and such. Ta-Da!

The Sewn Garland technique featuring our Lumberjack Plaid Shirts requires three things…

  1. sewing machine
  2. something-to-sew—printables, circles, squares, hearts, etc.
  3. coordinating thread

Simply [1] thread your sewing machine, [2] slowly sew a straight stitch through the center of each something-to-sew item and [3] attach it to anything you want—window frames, ceilings and such. Ta-Da!

The Clothespin Garland technique featuring a {sneak peak} at our Lil’ Hoots Valentines Collection photo shoot requires three things…

  1. clothespins
  2. something-to-pin—printables, circles, squares, hearts, etc.
  3. ribbon, twine or string

Simply [1] attach your something-to-pin to your ribbon,twine or sting with clothespins and [2] attach it to anything you want—backdrops, chairs and such. Ta-Da!

• • • • •

Three simple techniques to help you take your party décor from ordinary to extraordinary! Just like YOU!

I hope you’re inspired to add a lil’ garland to your next celebration!





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