{twELF days} a sticky solution for gift wrapping

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. This lil’ piggy has got lots of presents to wrap!

Wrapping gifts—especially Christmas gifts—is an art form in my family. Honestly, it’s more of an Olympic competition! During my teenage years when I didn’t want my mother picking out my jeans, she sewed a lil’ pair of jeans and filled the legs with rolled up money. My sweet mom always made sure that even cash was extra special!

Another year my sister, Dort, was inspired by the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, when buying and wrapping my gifts. I received… 3 canisters, 2 salt and pepper shakers and a pear. No partridge, no tree…just a fake pear. My girlfriends thought the fake pear was so funny that we started giving each other pears for Christmas every year. Every time I see a pear, I think of my dear friends and the Christmas that started it all. I love that those extra lil’ touches made those gifts unforgettable!

Speaking of extra lil’ touches and being inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas, it’s time for…

Piggy Bank Parties The TwELF Days of Christmas

Piggy Bank Parties - Day 7

Let’s see what’s in today’s “The TwELF Days of Christmas” bag…

Piggy Bank Parties Twelf Days 2013 - Day 7B

Piggy Bank Parties Twelf Days 2013 - Day 7C

 On the seventh day of Christmas, this lil’ piggy gave to you…

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape

DIY Christmas Paper Tape as a free download! 

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape8

I love washi tape and wish we had enough storage space around the PiG PeN to keep a large stash of fun patterns. Since storage is limited, I came up with an easy alternative—DIY Paper Tape! Click here and scroll down to just above the “DIY Paper Tape” photo for a simple how-to.

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape2

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape3

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape4

Piggy Bank Parties DIY Christmas Paper Tape1


I hope you’re inspired to STICK around for the rest of the TwELF Days of Christmas!




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