{tutorial} a prize winning blue ribbon

The crew at Piggy Bank Parties is so excited that May Arts will be featuring our Blue Ribbon Tutorial on their blog soon! We love sharing our ideas for easy and affordable projects. My name is Do (like do-re-mi) and I’ll be your tutor today!
Gather the following supplies:
  • 1 yard of 1.5″-2.5″ wide May Arts ribbon
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock, Labels or Buttons
  • Adhesive Dots or Glue Gun
  • Optional: 2″ Scalloped Circle Punch, 2″ Circle Punch, Iron or Brooch Pin Back
Ready? Here we go…
    1. Cut the yard of ribbon into 2 lengths–a 12″ length and a 24″ length. Set the 12″ length to the side.
    2. Fold the ribbon accordion style and pinch together. The folds should be approximately 3/4″ wide.
    1. Take your needle and thread and put the needle through all of your folds. Pull the thread through leaving enough at the end so you can tie a knot.
    2. Pull the string to tighten the thread but don’t pull too hard. The ribbon can use a bit of wiggle room.



    1. Fan out the ribbon into a circular shape and flatten the center using your fingers or an iron.
    1. Take the 12″ length of ribbon you set aside and fold it to create the ribbon tails. If you have double-sided patterns or the pattern is only on one side of the ribbon, follow the photo directions below.
    1. Attach the tails with a needle and thread or a glue gun.
    1. Trim the tails by folding the ribbon in half and cutting on an angle.
  1. If you would like to pin the ribbon on, attach a Brooch Pin Back with needle and thread or glue gun.
  2. Create the center medallion using a label, cardstock circle or button. Attach the cardstock circle or button with an adhesive dot or glue gun.
For fun, we also created ribbons for every occasion–the possibilities are endless!
We wanted to thank the May Arts blog readers…and our own…so we created Blue Ribbon Medallions just for you! SURPRISE!
{Free Download} Blue Ribbon Medallions

We hope you have fun creating your own Blue Ribbons!

Ribbon by May Arts
{Styles: HA44 (Blue Satin), KB03 (Blue Gingham), WK22 (Pink Striped),
ED14 (Red/White Polka Dots) and RH44 (Red/Green)}
“Blue Ribbon Medallions” by Piggy Bank Parties

Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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  1. Amy:

    We're so excited that you'll be using our Barnyard Buddies Party! It's one of our all-time favorites in 10 years of designing invitations.

    We're so sorry you're having issues with the download. We just checked the download here and called my sister in Michigan to see if she could download it. All seems to be working…but we will forward the file to you directly via email in a few minutes so that you have it for your party!

    Happy a great day! Do

  2. Hi,
    I followed you here from you Etsy shop and am going to buy the farm party package as soon as I confirm what date we are having the party. I've tried to download the ribbon mediallions but it says the file is damaged and can't be fixed. Anyway you could fix it? Pretty please? With a cherry on top!

    It will be just perfect to go with the barnyard party.

    I'm off to go enter the contest if it's not too late.
    Thanks a ton,
    elmwoodcourt @ yahoo.com

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