{tipster tuesday} mini conversation heart cakes

It may be Wednesday but we’re pretending it’s…

We’re pretending ‘cuz I didn’t want you to miss this great tip for dressin’ up store bought goodies for Valentine’s Day! Maria created these adorable cakes—inspired by Mayra of In Flight—for our Crew’s “A Vintage Valentine” collaboration. Without further ado, take it away…Maria!

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If you like to have a variety of treats at a get together, you may not always have the time to make everything yourself. So a few store bought treats can really come in handy! But, of course, you still want to dress up those store bought treats to look special!

These adorable Mini Conversation Heart Cakes are the perfect way to “up” the adorableness factor at your Valentine’s Day celebration. I’m going to show how easy they are to put together!

You will need:

  • Little Debbie Heart Shaped Cakes (available in pink or chocolate)
  • fondant in pink and red
  • non-stick roller and mat
  • heart shaped cutter (same size of the cakes or smaller)
  • letter stamps or edible markers

To begin, roll out your fondant on your non-stick mat (even a non-textured place mat will do) and use your cookie cutter to cut out your heart shapes.

I’m showing you two different ways to make the words on your fondant hearts.

Option #1 uses letter stamps. These can be purchased from your craft store and are actually found in the clay tool section (lots of great fondant tools there). The key to using clay tools is to make sure that they are ONLY used for fondant in order to keep them sanitary (and be sure to clean them well first)! These can be a little pricey (in the neighborhood of $25 or so) so use a coupon if you want to invest in these.

Use the letters to spell out the sayings you want on your hearts and gently press into the fondant. If you mess up, you can always roll your fondant out again. Let the hearts dry so they are easy to handle (about an hour).

OR…Option #2. If you don’t want to purchase the letter stamps, a less expensive alternative is to use edible markers to write your message! I love Americolor Gourmet Writers because they last a long time and write really well. You can buy them online or you can also find other brands of edible markers in the cake aisle of your local craft store.

The markers work better if the fondant has had a chance to dry and harden a little. Otherwise your marker will just dig into the fondant and pull making it difficult to write. So let the hearts sit out for a little bit, half hour or so, and then write your messages.

The great thing about fondant is that it stores for a long time! You can make these hearts weeks ahead of time and keep them at room temperature (no need to refrigerate) away from moisture or direct sunlight (a Tupperware container works great). When you are ready, you can attach the fondant toppers to the cakes with a little bit of frosting or a dab of water!

There you have a super easy way to dress up some store bought treats for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Lovely Maria, now if I could only roll out the fondant to complete smoothness! Love the stamped ones!!

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