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Howdy, Partner! Hope y’all are having a great day! If you’re wonderin’ why this lil’ piggy is talkin’ like a cowpoke, it’s because we’re celebratin’ riding off into the sunset this week. If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to pop over here to see our “Happy Trails!” Farewell Party.

I have been wanting to create a cowboy/cowgirl themed collection for a long time. I fell in love with these Red Bandana Party Lanterns from Oriental Trading a few months ago and they were a huge inspiration for our new Happy Trails Collections.

Piggy Bank Parties Happy Trails Collection 10

We created the Happy Trails Collection for goodbye, moving and retirement parties. You can instantly download the collection for impromptu celebrations and it includes a Banner, Lil’ Party Tags, a Type-Your-Own-Text Invitation, Type-Your-Own-Text Party Cards, Favor Tags and Coordinating Paper. Everything you need to decorate for a fun and casual send-off!

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell 1

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell 2

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell and Birthday 1

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell and Birthday 2

Want to celebrate your favorite cowboy or cowgirl’s birthday with a lil’ western flair? We also created the Happy Trails Birthday Collection. It includes all of the same items as the standard collection except we changed up the Banner and Lil’ Party Tags with birthday wishes.

Happy Trails Collection - Birthday 1

Happy Trails Collection - Birthday 2

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell and Birthday 1

Happy Trails Collection - Farewell and Birthday 2

The Happy Trails Collection and the Happy Trails Birthday Collection are both available here in The Market.¬†Since I missed celebrating my birthday week with you, I thought we’d have a lil’ bit of fun this week since we’re celebrating our big move! Are you ready?

Happy Trails Collection Giveaway

I hope you’re inspired to talk like a cowpoke today…it’s so FuN, Y’all!

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