{real parties} a dicey family game night

Yesterday we spent the afternoon blowing up balloons
and decorating for our church’s Family Game Night.
It was a HUGE success with 285 parents and kids playing
all types of board games, Wii, Legos and Pictionary!
We stuffed ourselves with Lou Malnati’s pizza (a Chicago institution),
salad, brownies, chocolate chunk cookies, water, juice and soda pop.
It was a FUN evening and we LOVED
watching all of the families interact!

For those who missed yesterday’s post,
we had a lil’ competition going on of who could guess…

Are you ready to find out what they turned into?

When decorating for events at our church,
we always run into a few challenges…
1. The décor budget is usually $1.00-$3.00 per person.
{$.70 per person for Family Game Night}
2. The church shares a building with a school and
events are often held in the school cafeteria.
3. Set-up time is limited since we share the building.
{The cafeteria was transformed in 1.5 hours}
With those challenges, we wanted to create a BIG impact
without breaking the Piggy Bank!
We purchased white shipping boxes, sealed them with white tape
and attached 3″ black dots with adhesive dots.
An easy project that made a HUGE impact!
WARNING! We walked out of the house yesterday
and left our camera sitting on the dining room table.
All of our pictures were taken with my iPhone
and may be a bit fuzzier than normal!
{the entrance and check-in}
We wanted the families to KNOW
they were attending a FUN game night!
The {fuzzy} banner says, FAMILY GAME NIGHT!
and each letter is on a piece of dice.

{the dining and craft tables}
Since the dining tables would need to be transformed
into craft tables after dinner, we needed to have
MOVABLE centerpiece with a lot of IMPACT!
We used 7″ white gift boxes, sealed them shut
and attached 2″ black circles.

{the food tables}
We eventually moved the dice off of the pizza and salad
buffet tables due to spacial issues.
We neglected to take a picture after we had
attached these banners…

{the food table banners}
We had two different sayings,
Just a little added PUNCH of color
on either side of the tables.
We didn’t get any pictures of the game tables
but they were BRIGHT and COLORFUL!
Just being in the room made you HAPPY!
By the end of the evening,
the JUMBO dice had been used as building blocks
and the SMALL dice were used to play toss.
I LOVE that a kid can be surrounded by
every game their heart desires
but a cardboard box is the most FUN!
Are you ready to know who had the FIRST correct guess?
The winner of the…

Create-Your-Own Custom Themed Banner is…
{comment 2}:
“I think they are going to be giant Dice!
Because thats the way you ROLL!!!! :-) “
Congratulations, Nikki!
But WAIT! There’s MORE!
The other correct guess {missed it by ELEVEN minutes!}
and the incorrect {but FABULOUS!}
guesses were entered in a GIVEAWAY!
The winner of a…

{comment 1}:
“I bet you are going to decorate them like
game pieces, I say Scrabble letters!”
Congratulations, Dawn!
Winners will be contacted via the email address associated with their comment within 7 days.
I hope you ENJOYED our lil’ competition and
were INSPIRED by our game night décor!
Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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9 thoughts on “{real parties} a dicey family game night

  1. Where did you get the large white boxes? They would be perfect for our school’s Math Night coming up.

    1. The dice would be perfect for Math Night! We purchased the White Boxes from The Container Store. You can also find them online at Uline.com. We’d love to see photos if you use them!

  2. I love your decorations..AWESOMe ideas! What size boxes did you use as your entry way dice?

    1. Thank you, DaLasa! The entryway dice are 18 1/8″ x 18″ x 16″ white boxes.

    1. Our church had all kinds of board games–Clue, Candyland, Connect Four, etc.–for the families to play. They also had a few carnival games set up–fishing game, basketball, milk cans, etc. Families would move from table to table to play different games. They also served pizza, salad and drinks. Families had a GREAT time!

  3. This would work so well with my Senior Center!!! We are always on such a tight budget!! Maybe I can get a store to donate the boxes…? It won't hurt to ask, right???!!! :)

  4. Oh, dice was my second guess! It looks fabulous and I feel so inspired (decor on a budge!!) because our school's annual Valentine's Day Bingo Night (which I'm in charge of) is Thursday and I feel like making centerpieces now!

  5. That is awesome! So clever and such a great use items for awesome impact!

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