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We finally finished up the last of our big custom orders this week before starting our 6 month-ish “hiatus” from custom designs. J and I are now focusing our attention on finishing up collections that aren’t quite ready to go live and adding new products to The Market.

Today I’m sharing two new favor boxes we recently added to The Market. First up is our Vintage Fire Truck Favor Box in PINK!

Christie of Flaired Affairs asked us to create a Pink Fire Truck for her lil’ firefighter lovin’ three year old! You can see the adorable pink soirée Christie created here. I think the boxes turned out pretty cute, too!

The Pink Vintage Fire Truck Favor Box is available here. We’ll also be adding a Vintage Red Fire Truck and a Modern Red Fire Truck in the near future. If you need one sooner than later, let us know and we’ll move them up on our “To-Do, Today, Ta-Da!” list.

Jenny of Craft That Party hosted a “Lego Cops & Robbers Birthday Party” for her son last weekend which you can see here and here. We had the honor of creating some of the printables for the celebration. We’ll be sharing our new “Cops-n-Robbers Collection” in the next few weeks but I couldn’t wait to share the Police Car Favor Box we designed.

It comes with two light options so you can pick your favorite—a vintage red single light or a more common red and blue bar light.

Add your own police department’s name to the side of the car using our “Create-Your-Own” feature.

I love how the trunk opens to reveal the goodies inside! {giggle}

Besides being the cutest lil’ favors at a firetruck or cops-n-robbers party, wouldn’t these be a fun way to thank your local firefighters and police officers? The Police Car Favor Box is available here.

I hope you’re inspired to show a lil’ appreciation for those who protect and serve us every day!


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