{market monday meets tipster tuesday} just BEE-cause

It’s a double dose of fun on Oink! today ‘cuz…


…since this lil’ piggy is always a day behind!

I was planning to share the newest collection to hit The Market shelves last week….but J and I decided that the backdrop didn’t work! I know…can you believe it? One of our infamous paper plate backdrops didn’t work! Want to see? Here’s the one that didn’t work…

Here’s the one that did…

What’s wrong with the first one, you ask? We look at our photos a bit differently because we’re looking to see if our product pops off the backdrop. The fun bumble bee striped backdrop worked in person BUT it made our products look unappealing in print. Here’s a side-by-side…

My eye is drawn to the bright backdrop in the photo on the left while it’s drawn to the cute banner in the right photo. The darker backdrop also makes the table seem heavier while the right one is light and airy. If I was throwing a “Transformers” Bumble Bee party than the backdrop on the left is perfect but this collection was made for a more delicate event.

Today’s tips are…

  • Changing the color of your backdrop can change the entire look and feel of your party.
  • Test your décor against your backdrop to make sure it conveys the look and feeling you want to portray.

Now, let’s move on our newest party design….The Just BEE-cause Collection! Mariah of Giggles Galore asked us to design a collection for a tea party she was hosting for her little girls and their friends. There was no official occasion they were celebrating…it was “Just BEE-cause!” She wanted the collection to be versatile so it could be used for a little girl’s tea party or luncheon with her girlfriends. Mariah requested a scripty font, lace, polka dots and delicate flowers that weren’t too cutesy but still had a bit of whimsy. You can see Mariah’s BEE-utiful party by clicking here.

Here’s the invitation we designed which is always the foundation for our collections…

J created a honeycomb “lace” background with honeycomb flowers. Originally we had talked about adding “real” flowers to the design but the more I looked at the honeycomb I started to see flowers emerge. J brought my vision to life and it’s a subtle and delicate touch throughout the collection. Next we created a fun border with dots to mimic the lil’ bee’s flight pattern around the invitation. We finished it off with a plump lil’ stinger!

For the table backdrop, I added bees circle punched from the Just BEE-cause Paper to white medallions leftover from another party. A happy accident occurred when we hung the medallions and realized they looked like the lil’ bee was gathering pollen and nectar from white daisies!

The “Just BEE-cause” Custom Banner which can be personalized with your own custom phrase was hung on white ribbon with white binder clips. I adore the shape of the panels, the black honeycombed-stripe and the lil’ bees buzzing from one panel to the next!

Since we had to re-shoot the table, the same treats weren’t available since my lil’ honey bee munched on the first batch of goodies after he finished taking the photos! It just means I have a few more quick ideas for bee-themed treats including Honey Cakes…

…which are just vanilla cupcakes topped with a yellow gumball or Lil’ Party Tags and served in a cute polka dot cupcake wrapper! To make them Honey Cakes, simply drizzle a lil’ honey on the top before serving them.

When shopping for goodies, I picked up treats that were readily available in your local grocery store to show that you could create a fun lil’ party with a lil’ bit of time! Bumble Bee Donuts were just store-bought mini donuts stuck on a milkshake straw and displayed in a $1.00 bucket. Marshmallows were transformed into Honeycomb Pops with edible markers. These are a fun and easy idea that your kids will have so much fun helping with! {Don’t they look like they were done by a kid?}

For the second photoshoot, I dipped the marshmallows in melted white chocolate chips and topped them with a yellow candy. Another quick and easy treat in less than 10 minutes!

Nectar Juice (aka lemonade) was served in lil’ Ball jars topped with Just BEE-cause Paper and Bottle Labels were wrapped around water bottles.

A party isn’t a party without a favor! Guests can take home a Beehive Favor Box filled with a bee-inspired treat. I really wanted to fill them with “Bit-O-Honey” which is one of my favorite candies but not a single store I was at had them. Fortunately, I found “Jujubes” or as I like to call them…”Juju-BEEs!”

Designer Tip: When creating signs for parties, make sure you double-check your spelling! See if you can find the mistake I just now noticed!

We also designed a bunch of Party Signs for different occasions—birthdays, bridal showers, tea parties and more!

We also included a “Create-Your-Own” Menu/Invitation for all the crafty do-it-yourselfers!

The Just BEE-cause Collection is on SaLe in The Market until Sunday, June 17, 2012 for $20.00 {a $10.00 savings}!

I hope you’re inspired to do something “Just BEE-cause” for someone special to you!





Square Paper Plates and Plastic Servingware: Party City

Black and White Buckets: Target Dollar Spot

Two-Tiered Stand: Marshalls

Cupcake Wrappers: Pick You Plum

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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  1. Well I thought both photo shoots were Bee-utiful! I like the “daisies” with the bees gathering pollon! Tell your little honey bee to lay off eating all the props! Love from your big sis!

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