{magazine feature} sherbet & sunshine picnic

What do you do when you plan a party and the weather doesn’t cooperate? Move indoors and it might turn out better than you ever imagined!

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Indoor Picnic

Creating magazine worthy features is a lot of fun, but they are also a LOT of work! This is especially true when you need to shoot a summer picnic when there’s snow on the ground or it’s drizzling on your “sunny” day. In addition to those conditions, add in a stack of moving boxes and no furniture because you sold it all due to downsizing your living quarters. These were the obstacles we faced when shooting our recent feature for Bird’s Party Magazine (pages 64-65).

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 1

I’m always up for a challenge and thought it would beneficial to show you that you really can host a party under any conditions! Today I’m sharing the dining area we created and tomorrow I’ll share the lil’ buffet and goodies. Then we’ll round out the week with some fun crafts and activities.

We live in the Midwest so I always have a backup plan when hosting an outdoor party. Having that backup plan reduces my stress level because I know I can still throw a great party even if it’s not in my “dream” location. Since the hubs sold our dining table and chairs, we had the perfect space to set up our picnic indoors when the backyard was too wet and muddy. I used 6 packed moving boxes to create a low table, covered it with a tablecloth and added pillows from around the house to sit on. White bandanas were attached to one side of the mismatched pillows with safety pins to coordinate with the color scheme.

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 2

The table was decorated with a mixture of paper elements, fresh fruit and crafty bugs. Each placesetting featured a placemat and napkin holder created from the Sherbet & Sunshine Paper. I attached paper sun rays, googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennas to simple dollar store plates to create custom themed diningware.

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 3

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 4

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 5

The basket of fruit and paper flowers worked double duty as a bright and cheerful centerpiece and a fun way to display fruit for our guests to snack on. The basket was lined with a green bandana and set on a bed of green paper shred leftover from Easter. Simple paper daisies were attached to green bendy straws and stuck in green florist foam covered with more paper shred.

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 6

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 7

Hand painted rock bugs, pom pom ants and paper butterflies were added ‘cuz you can’t have a picnic without a few critters joining the fun!

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 8

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 9

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 10

I wanted to create a whimsical chandelier over the picnic table so I attached wide “basket weave” green ribbon to paper lanterns that matched our color scheme. The lanterns were hung at different heights to create a chandelier effect. Paper butterflies were attached to the ribbon with adhesive dots and a single butterfly was hung from the lowest lantern with translucent fishing line so it appeared to be floating above the table.

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 11

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 12-13

Piggy Bank Parties Sherbet-n-Sunshine Picnic 14

An indoor picnic is such a lovely way to brighten a dreary day outside and easy to create even when your house is turned upside down. The table and chandelier turned out even better than I envisioned! I’m not sure which is my favorite element—translucent butterflies, the chandelier, ant plates, paper flowers…or maybe the rock bugs. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite!

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I hope you’re inspired to have a backup plan…it may turn out better than you envisioned!




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