{inspiration} a quirky turkey day!

Last Thanksgiving, I had this crazy idea to design a whimsical collection inspired by my memories of always sitting at the kids’ table at family gatherings. I longed to sit with the adults at the beautiful Thanksgiving table but I was stuck at the broken down card table with my cousins. I wanted to create décor that would be tons of fun for a kids’ table as well as some quirky adults!

After a year in the making, I’m thrilled to share with you…

Our lil’ Quirky Turkey is the star of the collection and inspired my Quirky Turkey Thanksgiving Table Design seen on Occasions Magazine today.

The “Create-Your-Own” Menu can be used to invite your lil’ guests and their parents. The Welcome Sign embellished with Quirky Turkey Paper and Feathers is a fun way to greet the kiddos…and remind them to eat their vegetables!

The “Happy Turkey Day!” Banner features our lil’ turkey. If you look closely, you might see him pop up throughout the décor!

Our lil’ turkey is a bit nervous this time of year and the feathers were flying after he made his way around the table. Paper feathers were hung with fishing line from the chandelier. We’ve included both sides of the feathers in the collection so you can attach them back-to-back for hanging. I slightly bent each cardstock feather to mimic the look of real feathers.

The no fuss tablecloth was made by adhering two sheets of handmade paper together. If someone makes a mess, just throw out the paper and grandma’s tablecloth won’t be ruined!

Quirky Turkey footprints made their way around the table. A clear dinner plate was topped with a red and white tin plate and a Quirky Turkey leg favor.

The turkey leg was inspired by One Charming Party’s Paper Bag Turkey and can be filled with treats or lil’ toys to keep the kiddos occupied.

Each placesetting included a personalized placecard featuring the Quirky Turkey and a lil’ favor bag containing a paper napkin and silverware. I used our small favor bag template and the Quirky Turkey Paper to make the bags. Then each bag was embellished with a Quirky Turkey Cake Stake.

I added striped cardstock circles to the glass jar lids using double-stick tape. Punch a hole for a straw and you have a coordinating drinking glass that’s easy to refill and minimizes spills if knocked over!

A red tin bucket encouraging them to, “gobble, gobble, gobble” is overflowing after the Quirky Turkey made an appearance. The bucket sits on a wooden lazy susan allowing the kids easy access to a pre-dinner, prevent-the-whining snack of popcorn with a lil’ candy corn for color.

Cake Stake bunting was added to the bucket using red wax thread. Another great way to use Cake Stakes! {Watch out! The Quirky Turkey might pop up!}

Feathers added to various items were clues left for the kids that the Quirky Turkey was responsible for the mess!

In addition to the edible centerpiece, you can make the table special by adding menus and “I’m thankful for…” cards. The Menu and Party Cards were designed with our “Create-Your-Own” feature. We’ve set up the font, font size and font color for you. Type in your text, print, cut and Ta-Da! Personalized touches take the table from special to extraordinary!

We also included Coloring Pages to keep the kiddos occupied while they patiently wait for dinner to be served.

Those of you who have been following this lil’ piggy on Facebook know that I’ve been keepin’ a few secrets! I’m thrilled to finally share one of them with you. Our Quirky Turkey table design was chosen as a Top 10 Finalist in Occasions Magazine’s Thanksgiving Table Designer Challenge!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

During the next week, you will have the opportunity to vote for our lil’ Quirky Turkey over on Occasions Magazine’s Facebook page. Well…if it’s your favorite! We’ll post the voting information here and on Facebook and Twitter as soon as it’s available.

The Quirky Turkey Collection is now available in The Market for $12.00.

Since I used things from around the house, my only expenses were the Quirky Turkey Collection, paper and ink. Kids’ Table Budget: $19.20

I hope your inspired to make the kids’ table extra special this year!

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