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I’m the daughter of a teacher. I’m the sister of a teacher. I was a teacher. When Jennifer of Banner Events, our Facebook fan and event stylist extraordinaire, requested a Thank You Note Set she could use for Teacher Appreciation Week, I was ecstatic! I love that schools and parent organizations are now honoring teachers with appreciation weeks.

As a teacher’s kid in a small town, I spent a lot of time with the teachers at my mom’s school—helping out in classrooms, playing piano for school programs and checking out what treats were available in the teacher’s lounge. {giggle} I learned strong work ethics and key traits like compassion, generosity and patience from watching my mom, my sis and their co-workers. Sometimes it is a thankless job. Creating a Thank You Note Set in honor of my favorite teachers is my way of saying, “Thank You!” to all of the teachers who give more than the required lesson plan!

I think this may be my favorite set! I embellished the tag with twine for a lil’ extra somethin’ special. Isn’t the notebook paper-inspired envelope is super cute, too? Love it.

Click on the link below to download. Visit here to download all of the other freebies from the “THANK YOU!” Week posts!

I hope you’re inspired to thank a teacher today!

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