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{drumroll} After weeks of planning, designing, crafting and styling, this lil’ piggy is proud to feature the first party in…

If you missed yesterday’s blog post, The Piggy Bank Parties Crew is facing off in a Head-to-Head Team Challenge. Read all of the details here. Join us over the next 10 days for tons of inspiration, tutorials and a giveaway or two! Before our first team takes over, I just wanted to personally thank the Crew for taking on this challenge and for doing it with such exuberance! If you haven’t “met” these ladies, be sure to pop over to the Crew page as well as their blogs to get to know them better.

Without further ado, introducing…

When the Piggy Bank Parties Crew Spring Challenge was revealed, we were so excited to see it featured the Barnyard Buddies Collection! This fun collection is based on a timeless classic theme that can be used for just about any type of event. Our team, dubbed the Sassy Spring Chickens, was comprised of Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line, Tara of The Shindig Diva, Dorothy of Life is Sweet in Michigan and Maria from Love & Sugar Kisses!

For our challenge entry, we chose to design a fun outdoor playdate using the classic song, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” as our inspiration (which was an awesome idea from Jenny). Our playdate consisted of a sweets table, favor table and activity area. The budget was $100 and we were happy to actually have some funds leftover in our piggy bank!

Our guests were greeted at the door with this adorable wreath that Jenny made. The tambourine chicken set the tone perfectly for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” music fun!

The guests headed to the backyard where the sweets table was the focal point.

The first rule of budget party planning is to shop your house and we certainly did just that. All of the serving pieces used were taken from around the home. Our children’s toys were also used for decorations as well…keeping everything super budget friendly!

The fabrics were leftovers from other projects and the hats and bandanas are from our children’s dress up box. The only purchased item on the dessert table is the mini haybale!

The dessert table featured a variety of yummy treats. The adorable cake pops were made by Cindy of Cuter than Cake. When keeping to a budget, asking friends to help out with treats can be a great way to save money! Cindy generously donated these delicious cake pops for our playdate. How perfect do these coordinate with the printables? They were as yummy as they were cute! Awesome job, Cindy!

The cake and fondant toppers were made by Maria. If a custom cake is not in your budget, a simple homemade cake can be dressed up with printables or even some toys that your children may already have.

Tara made these fun egg-shaped Rice Krispy treats displayed in a recycled egg carton. Perfect treat for a farm themed party!

Dorothy created these fun popcorn cones. The paper used was a music print to tie in the music theme. Tags with animal sounds tie in both the farm and our inspiration song! The cones and bucket were filled with yummy kettle corn.

Music note lollipops were purchased from Sweet Pete’s, a local all natural candy shop, using a great coupon Maria had! We displayed them in recycled mason jars filled with oats from our pantry.

Store bought mini-cupcakes were decorated with fondant music note toppers made by Maria.

Puppets found in our children’s toy bin were used to decorate the tables…keeping it fun and budget friendly!

Dorothy created a fun activity for our playdate…a “Make Your Own Instrument” station! All of the instrument supplies are recycled materials. This was a very kid friendly activity spread out on a picnic blanket.

These instruments were a huge HIT!

After making their own instruments, it was time to put on a show!

All those sweets and performing required something to quench their thirst. Farm friendly root beer fit the bill! Displayed on a simple kids chair with the bottles dressed up with some more fabric.

We provided some fabulous parting goodies so the kids could keep the fun alive after they went home.

Jenny created the fun animal masks using all materials she hand on hand. The kids loved them!

Tara made CDs of kids’ tunes for the guests to enjoy long after the playdate was over! By purchasing the songs online, you can inexpensively recreate the CDs at home as a great party favor. We used blank CDs from a large spool of ones we already owned.

This was a fun, budget-friendly kids playdate that is very easy to recreate! The vast majority of our party items were already owned or made from items we had on hand. You would amazed at how much you already own that would be perfect for your next event. Just use your imagination and search every nook and cranny of your home! We used craft store coupons to help keep our costs down as well.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Decorations: $7.92
  • Food and Ingredients: $16.65
  • Downloaded Songs: $7.92
  • Craft and Activity Supplies: $8.10
  • Piggy Bank Parties’ Barnyard Buddies Collection: $20 {Sale! Regularly $30}

Total: $60.59

Cuter than Cake Cake Pops (Sponsored Item): $30.00

Hope this inspires you to create your own Piggy Bank party…”E-I-E-I-O!”

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16 thoughts on “{challenge} old mac’s farm band playdate

    1. Thanks, Staci! I’ve been saving egg cartons because I thought they would make great serving pieces on a buffet…and Ta-Da! Tara thought the same thing!

  1. So darn adorable, crafty + thrifty! The Sassy Spring Chickens pulled off an awesome play date and with money to spare! LOVE! Would love to participate someday <3 can't wait to see the rest of the entries.

    1. Thanks for stoppin’ by, Dina! We’ll be doin’ a fan challenge soon so we’ll keep you posted!

    1. So sweet, Kathy! The ladies did a great job and had so many fun activities! I think the CD of songs is a brilliant favor, too!

  2. What an adorable party! So cute and I love how you’ve shown that anyone can throw a party on a budget. The fondant toppers on the cake are adorabe and I love the rice krispy eggs in the carton. The kids looked like they had a great time and it just goes to show, kids don’t need a HUGE eleborate party to have fun. Great job!
    Tiffany@ Fizzy Party

    1. Thanks for stoppin’ by and for your sweet compliments! The ladies did a great job and I adore the instruments, too!

  3. So cute and very creative!! I love the make your own instruments. I loved making instruments as a kid. :)

    1. Thanks, Stefani! My big sis came up with the instruments which were a staple in our family growing up!

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