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new year’s eve party hats

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Rustle up your craft supplies, load your glue guns and put away your pocket books ‘cuz it’s…


We’re doin’ a mash-up this week ‘cuz the tutorial includes free downloads and the PiG PeN is in complete chaos with the impending move and a crazy after-Christmas rush! All good things…but when it snows…it’s a blizzard! {giggle}

Today I’m sharin’ a quick-n-easy tutorial for your New Year’s Eve celebrations…

Supplies + Tools:

  • Lots-O-Dots Party Hats
  • Create-Your-Own Cake Stakes
  • Heavyweight White Paper or Matte Brochure and Flyer Paper
  • Bright White Cardstock or Double-sided Matter Photo Paper
  • 12″-15″ lengths of Twine, String or Ribbon; 2 per hat
  • Tape
  • Adhesive Dots, Double-sided Tape or Glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife + Cutting Mat
  • 1/8″ Hole Punch
  • Optional: 2″ Circle Punch


1. Choose your favorite Lot-O-Dots Party Hat colors—free download here—and print them on heavyweight paper or matte brochure and flyer paper (available at office supply stores).

I use the latter because it shows off the colors and graphics the best. It’s also a nice weight for makin’ hats. I wanted to match our Catch My New Year Collection so I chose to print only the turquoise hat.

Hank’s Hint: If you prefer to use another paper, set your printer to grayscale and print one of the hats on cardstock. Use this as a template and trace around it onto the back of your paper choice.

2. Cut out the hat with scissors and cut the slit with a craft knife.

3. Fold in the end tabs on the tab. This will make it easier to slide through the slit.

4. Slide the tab into the slit.

5. Unfold the end tabs to secure the hat.

6. Add text to the Create-Your-Own Cake Stakes—available here for free—using Adobe Reader (free download here).

7. Print on bright white cardstock or double-sided matte photo paper (available at office supply stores).

8. Cut out the tags with scissors or use a 2″ circle punch.

9. Attach to the top of the hat with adhesive dots. I used pop-up dots for a lil’ dimension.

10. Punch a small hole on either side of the hat.

11. Thread 12″-15″ of twine, string or ribbon through each hole and knot.

12. Tape down the knot for added strength.

13. Tie the other end of your twine, string or ribbon and trim the end.

Ta-Da! You can Create-Your-Own Party Hats in a snap!

We’re keepin’ things simple this year but you can add all kinds of embellishments—ruffled streamers, glitter and so much more!

I hope you’re inspired to celebrate another fabulous year!


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