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{market monday} not too shabby tea party

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We’ve been stockin’ the shelves with new designs ‘cuz it’s…

Since I took an unexpected “break” from blogging last week, we’re featuring not just one “Special of the Week“…but TWO! The Tulip, The Ballerina Collection I shared on Sunday is on special along with today’s featured collection. A few months ago Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations asked us to design some items for a styled photo shoot she was planning for spring. Melissa wanted bunting, bunting and more bunting! Her photo shoot would be a tea party and she envisioned shabby chic floral patterns. You can see Melissa’s “Chic Spring Tea Party” here.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…whenever someone requests flowers, fairies, princesses or super girlie stuff…I get giddy! Not because I love girlie things but because I love seeing J’s reaction! The hubs loves to draw robots, cars, super heroes, bugs, worms…you know, “boy” stuff. Drawing a dainty flower or a sparkling garden fairy gets the BEST reaction from him! His face contorts like he was just infected by girl cooties! The girlie designs are always a team effort and eventually turn into something beautiful and delicate.

I hope you enjoy my lil’ {inspiration} tea party featuring our newest design, The Shabby Chic Collection

I wanted the pennant banner on the backdrop to have a whimsical feel like vintage sheets blowing in the wind on a clothesline. The pennants were hung on twine with small clothes pins from a local art store. The white paper plates created a crisp backdrop and allowed the patterned paper to pop.

The banner is one of our “Create-Your-Own” items so you can create the perfect phrase for any occasion. Maybe you’re throwing a bridal shower and want to honor the bride-to-be. Type in the letters of her name and print the personalized banner!

The finishing touch on the backdrop is my favorite item in the collection…Tea Cup Favor Boxes! Designing these were a labor of love. I wanted to make an elegant tea cup but I didn’t want it to be too complicated for the novice crafter to put together. I searched for inspiration, downloaded a few freebies and even purchased a tea cup pattern from Silhouette. After putting together about 10 samples with tiny little tabs and intricut cuts, I knew I had to start from stratch!

The cup was based on a lil’ snack box I designed which I added a handle to. To give it more of a delicate shape, I added a simple square base and a circle for the saucer. I attached the three parts together with a large brad from an office supply store. I curled the saucer edge a bit to make it look a little more realistic. For the backdrop, the tea cups were hung from the ceiling with hand-dyed ribbon.

The buffet was covered with a white tablecloth accented with a burlap runner and featured tea time treats. The two-tiered wicker serving tray was embellished with a paper doily flower and mini bunting. Homemade blueberry muffins in ruffled cupcake wrappers and a $3.99 strawberry bundt cake were inexpensive tea time snacks.

Store-bought butter cookies were displayed on a wooden box embellished with mini bunting, Shabby Chic Paper and a Party Card.

A tea pot accented with ribbon and a personalized Lil’ Party Tag, a basket of assorted teas and embellished tea cups completed the buffet.

The Shabby Chic Collection includes “Create-Your-Own” Lil’ Party Tags which can be personalized by you for any occasion—baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower or afternoon tea.

If you prefer that the Lil’ Party Tags are personalized by a professional, we also offer Custom Party Tags.

The collection also includes “Create-Your-Own” Party Cards, Favor Tags, a “Create-Your-Own” Party Sign, Small Bunting and a “Create-Your-Own” Menu/Invitation.

If you’re not comfortable using the “Create-Your-Own” Menu/Invitation to create an invitation, you can purchase the Shabby Chic Invitation. The digital version of the invitation below shows the white pickled wood backdrop that is featured on the other pieces with mini bunting. It is a faded background that didn’t show up very well in our photos {We’re still working on improving our photography skills!}.

Piggy Bank Party Budget: $35.00

Budget Breakdown:

  • Décor (Printables, Printing & Assembly): $23.19
  • Food & Beverage: $7.90
  • Favors: $3.83
  • Servingware, Favor Bags & Ribbon: Free

Party Total: $34.92 {$ .08 under budget}

{break for an Under Budget Happy Dance!}

All of the Shabby Chic products are available in The Market and the Shabby Chic Collection is currently on sale for $10.00 through Sunday, April 1, 2012! If you purchase the collection on sale, you can recreate this party for less than $30.00!

I hope you’re inspired to take a lil’ time for afternoon tea!

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  1. How stunning is this tea party. It’s mother’s day coming up on the weekend and this would be a perfect party to hold for her. I love all the printables, they are adorable :-)

  2. I adore your display!!! Everything looks so chic, wink wink. Thank you for creating this collection for me, it fit perfectly. I got a giggle out of thinking of the Mr. designing floral patterns for me… hehe.

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