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{market monday} burger-n-fries…order up!

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The weekend flew by and this lil’ piggy can hardly believe it’s already…

Today’s featured collection was inspired by two clients—Brittany of GreyGrey Designs and Stefanie. Brittany was planning a Hamburger Party for her son’s birthday last year and I offered to create food labels for her. We had a piece of “fast food” artwork in our files which we customized for her. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Stefanie contacted us to inquire if she could purchase the food labels she had seen on GreyGrey Design’s blog. It was just the lil’ push we needed to complete the collection which had been on our “Designs To-Do” list for a year!

Without further ado, here is The Market’s “Special of the Week“…the Burger-n-Fries Collection!

I actually designed two collections—the Burger-n-Fries Birthday Collection and the Burger-n-Fries Collection. The birthday version has customized items specifically geared towards a birthday celebration—“Happy Birthday” banner, Lil’ Party Tags and Personalized 3″ and 4″ Circle Labels. The standard collection offers lots of “Create-Your-Own” items which you can personalize for any occasion.

I was planning to create a checkerboard pattern for the backdrop but it ended up being TOO busy and competed with the printables. I tried different colors—red, black and silver—but found that white allowed the banner to really pop. The banner was attached to ribbon using silver clips I found at our local office supply store. They remind me of order tickets hanging in a burger joint’s kitchen window.

I love using paper clips, clothes pins and binder clips to hang banners. They are less time consuming than punching holes in the banner and you can reuse the ribbon without having to take the banner apart.

To decorate the top of the background, I used a bean bag burger my mom and sister created for my last birthday party {coming soon}. I tied ribbon onto the clips and attached the ribbon to the ceiling then I clipped the bean bags on. If you don’t have a hamburger bean bag laying around, you can easily recreate this with cardstock which was my original plan. I remembered the bean bags at the last minute and thought they would be fun!

The “BBQ” banner below was created using the “Create-Your-Own” feature which allows you to type in your own text. Two Burger-n-Fries panels were added to each end.

Build-a-{fill-in-the-blank} Bars are one of my favorite ways to serve food at a party. It’s an easy way to please different palettes because guests create their own customized food. My lil’ {inspiration} party offered a “Build-a-Burger Bar.” The guests grab a red basket which includes a napkin personalized with a 3″ label. {Hopefully guests will use the part of the napkin without the sticker!} I also love lining these baskets with parchment or wax paper for easy clean up.

Long before sliders were popular on menus, I served mini burgers at parties. A lot of guests don’t finish an entire burger and I’m not a fan of wasting food! A 2 oz. patty on your favorite dinner roll is the perfect size for small eaters and two of them equal a full size burger for the rest of your guests. I attached a dill pickle slice with a toothpick to the top of the burgers and served them on a silver cookie sheet lined with checkered paper for a “restaurant” presentation.

Standard toppings and condiments were offered on our bar but the possibilities are endless! The collection includes 8 different condiment wrappers for squeeze bottles including a “Create-Your-Own” wrapper for any non-standard sauces you might serve.

Instead of serving “real” fries, I opted for baked fries from the natural chip aisle at the local grocery store. They were a time saver and a fun alternative!

The collections come with three sizes of snack boxes. Serve up “healthy” fries—aka carrots and celery—in the littlest one or add a small hamburger to the large snack box. The medium size is shown above.

Frosted plastic cups with wide straws in coordinating colors are ready for thick made-to-order milkshakes and soda fountain treats!

A sweet ending to the food portion of the party includes a simple chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and a customized Lil’ Party Tag!

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite go-to party activities tomorrow including the Burger Bean Bag Toss which the burger bean bags were created for.

After all the fun and games, be sure to thank your guests for coming…

I picked up this notepad about 5 years ago because I knew it would come in handy one day! {giggle} I haven’t been able to find a link for them so I’m sure they are no longer made. There are so many other fun options for favors though—gummy burgers, burger cookies and cupcakes or a gift certificate to your favorite burger-n-fries joint—to name a few. Serve your favors up in a snack box and finish them off with a lil’ tag that says, “Thanks for coming to KeTchuP!”

A Custom Invitation is offered in addition to the collections or you can use the “Create-Your-Own” Menu/Invitation to design an invitation. A “Create-Your-Own” Party Sign is also included so you can create signs throughout your party space.

I also designed a bunch of funny Party Signs paying homage to burger toppings…

Be sure to pick up the “Special of the Week” for a fun and unexpected celebration! The Burgers-n-Fries Birthday Collection is on sale for $20.00 and the Burger-n-Fries Collection is on sale for $10.00 through Sunday, March 11, 2012 {a 33% savings}.

I’m off to build-a-burger!

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