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{market monday} a magical celebration

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It’s back to work so it must be…

We’re finally getting back into the swing of things around the PiG PeN after our vacation. Isn’t it amazing how hard it is to get back into “everyday life” once you’ve taken a lil’ time off? I feel like stomping my hoofs and saying, “No! I don’t want to go to work today!” with a lil’ pout on my snout! BUT…if I have to work, I wouldn’t trade my job for anything!

A few months ago, Bird of Bird’s Party asked us if we would contribute to the Fall Issue of Bird’s Party Magazine. We were so honored and jumped at the chance to be a part of such a great publication! If you’re looking for a lot of wonderful inspiration, make sure you read it online here or you can purchase a printed copy here.

Bird is wonderful to work with and encouraged us to showcase our own printables. We have a bunch of designs that haven’t been seen by the public yet so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share a new collection! Without further ado, here’s a magical 6th birthday party we created for less than $75!

The collection was inspired by artwork J created one day after hearing a comment I made…”We could flip over that Mad Hatter hat [artwork], color it black and…Ta-Da! It’s a magician’s hat!”

I instantly fell in love with the rabbit in the hat! I was so inspired by it that I used it to design last year’s award-winning “Trunk or Treat” trunk. Let’s just say, J is the cutest bunny rabbit I know and the kids loved getting candy from him! {giggle} We didn’t get pictures at the time, but the giant hat has been in our mud room for a year so photos will be coming soon! We designed a few of the items in the collection for our trunk but filled in the rest of the collection for the magazine feature.

Our lil’ party was designed to celebrate a future illusionist’s 6th birthday. The “Magic Show” banner was added to our white paper plate backdrop. The banner is actually 5″ x 7″ panels strung on ribbon and then taped together along the bottom to give the illusion of a marquee. The curtain bunting was created using a leftover $1 plastic tablecloth embellished with stars I recycled from these New Year’s Eve chandeliers.

Playing Card Favor Boxes were personalized using our “Create-Your-Own” feature and filled with decks of cards. They acted as a base for the clear cups embellished with personalized “Create-Your-Own” Lil’ Party Tags and topped off with red and white paper straws.

It’s magical how a paper straw and a lil’ sticker can change a clear cup! Party Cards shared the names of our themed treats which included Magic Twix, Magician Wands (chocolate licorice), Magic Rings (buttercream topped mini cake donuts} and Magic Hat Cupcakes.

The collection includes 40 playing cards (no face cards). I printed the “6” cards in honor of the birthday boy’s age on cardstock, rounded the corners to look like real playing cards and hung them and a few stars with sheer white ribbon.

A giant wand, playing cards and a party sign were suspended from the chandelier with fishing line. The wand was made by covering a wrapping paper tube with black paper and sealing the ends with white first aid tape from a dollar store.

The craft and dining table was covered with another leftover $1 plastic tablecloth. The centerpiece include a number of a magician’s must-have tricks of the trade—magic hat, playing cards, knotted scarves, white gloves, a magic wand and a lil’ bit of “magical” confetti.

The hat was another dollar store treasure. It wasn’t sturdy enough to stand on it’s own so I made a black cardstock ring to sit inside it just under the brim. The scarves were napkins in coordinating colors that were knotted together and the magic wands were made from the black tubes you get with glow sticks. I wrapped more first aid tape around the ends to finish them off.

The placesettings included a playing card placemat, a “Magic Bag of Tricks” craft and a Magician’s Hat Favor Box. The favor boxes were filled with “Trix” cereal and embellished with personalized tags.

I added leftover ruffled streamers that matched the color scheme to the backs of the chairs with double-sided tape. A lil’ finishing touch that added another pop of color.

Party activities included a “Make a Rabbit Appear” craft using leftover craft and party supplies. I’ll share the easy how-to later this week.

While surfing Pinterest for ideas, I ran across this tutorial for “Magic Potion.” It didn’t quite turn out like it shows but kids of all ages will still have fun with this activity! I also found this one but I didn’t have the right food coloring on hand to try.

If you don’t have enough in your budget to hire a magician, ask an uncle or aunt to learn a few card tricks to share with the kiddos. You can also try a few tricks like “Abracadabra Punch” or turn down the lights and pull out some “Magic Rings.”

The Magic Trick Collection also includes Favor Tags, Lil’ Party Tags, Party Signs and “Create-Your-Own” Party Signs.

The Magic Trick Collection is now available in The Market and on sale for $20.00 through Sunday, October 21, 2012. Click here to make it magically appear in your shopping cart!

We’re excited to announce that Bird loved our party so much that she asked us to contribute on a regular basis! Stay tuned for our  next “Budget-Friendly” party in the magazine’s holiday issue due out in November!

I hope you’re inspired to create a magical celebration!

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  1. What a neat party theme! So original. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Christine! The bunny cupcakes were one of those epiphany moments!

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