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{market} it’s hammer time!

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It seems like it’s been favor box after favor box post lately…and it has been! We’re scrambling to get all of the outstanding designs shot and up in the shop before we move. Since all of my crafting supplies that I use to create tutorials are boxed up, I thought I’d share our fun party favors instead of allowing tumbleweed to roll across Oink! for the next few weeks. Thanks for hangin’ in there with me!

Today’s favor box was a special request from our dear friend, Maria, of Love & Sugar Kisses. She’s throwing a surprise birthday party for her big brother in October and he’s a HUGE “Thor” fan. Needless to say, Thor’s hammer was a must so here’s what we created for her…

Piggy Bank Parties Comic Book Hammer Favor Box1

Piggy Bank Parties Comic Book Hammer Favor Box2

Piggy Bank Parties Comic Book Hammer Favor Box3

Piggy Bank Parties Comic Book Hammer Favor Box4

I’m really proud of this one! The biggest challenge for me was the handle and strap. First, I had to make it small enough so the hammer looks HUGE but not too small or no one would be able to assemble it. Then I had to figure out how to attach it to the box so it was strong enough when guests start bopping each other on the head with it! I had to do a LOT of tests on J’s head! {giggle}

Speaking of J, didn’t he do an amazing job on the artwork? The metal looks so real and the wording…AMAZING!

Piggy Bank Parties Comic Book Hammer Favor Box

The Comic Book Hammer Favor Box in now available here in The Market. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to enter our French Macaron Favor Box Set Giveaway here. Time is running out!

I hope you’re inspired to be worthy of the power of THOR today!




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