Keeping Cool with a Frozen Sponge Pops Garland

Growing up in the Midwest, the weeks following the Fourth of July ushered in the hottest temperatures of the year. During the “Dog Days of Summer,” you’d find the neighborhood kids either firmly planted in front of the A/C unit, sticking their head in the freezer, running through the sprinkler, swimming at the community pool, or chasing after the Ice Cream Man. We’d try anything and everything to keep cool.

Inspired by those hot summer days, today’s craft is a cool treat!

The Frozen Sponge Pops Garland will keep the kids cool and busy inside when it’s too hot to play outside.

NOTE: Be sure to supervise Step 5 and Step 7 of the tutorial.

  • Frozen Pop Template
  • Colorful Sponges
  • Wooden Craft or Popsicle™ Sticks
  • Twine
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Adhesive Dots
  • Tape

Step 1: New sponges are moist and shrink after they are exposed to air. Allow your sponges to dry out before beginning this project.

Step 2: Download, print and cut out the template. Two sizes are included on the template.

Step 3: Line up the template on your sponge and trace around it with the marker.

Step 4: Cut out the frozen pop shape.

Step 5: Using the craft knife, cut a slit deep enough for the craft stick to fit in.

Step 6: Add an adhesive dot—or another adhesive—to both sides of the wooden craft stick and insert it into the slit you cut. Press down on the sponge to adhere to the stick.

HANK’S HINT: If using a standard-sized Popsicle™ stick, cut it in half with a pair of scissors. Insert the cut end into your sponge.

Step 7: Tape the end of the twine to the non-pointy end of the skewer then push the skewer through the top of the frozen pop. If the skewer seems stuck, twist it a bit when pushing.

Step 8: Pull the skewer through and it will thread the frozen pop onto the twine.

Step 9: Repeat with all the frozen sponge pops.

Step 10: Hang your garland and TA-DA!

The Frozen Sponge Pops Garland also looks adorable layered with the Mismatched Favor Bag Garland.

I hope y’all have fun keeping cool while creating your own Frozen Sponge Pops Garland!

Excited to share your creation? Tag your photos on social media with @piggybankparties or #piggybankparties for hogs and kisses from yours truly!

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