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{inspiration party} pucker up for your sweetie!

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The Piggy Bank Parties Crew is beyond thrilled to have been chosen as the Runner-Up in Pizzazzerie’s Summer Stripes Tablescape Contest!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

As I clicked the “send” button 2 minutes before the deadline, I was filled with a mix of emotions. J and I had accomplished our goal of entering the contest but we didn’t feel like the table was all it could be. Why would I share that with you? I always want to be authentic and let you know that even when you plan a table or party design… it doesn’t always turn out the way you want.

Due to an overloaded work schedule,  my normal test run didn’t happen. The backdrop I had originally planned failed miserably and I had to scramble to come up with another idea. J struggled with lighting and wasn’t happy with the photographs…BUT we finished! I knew we had a great concept and even though we didn’t finish it in time for the deadline… I was determined to create the table I dreamed up in my lil’ brain!

Here is the table photo we entered into the contest…

…and here’s the table after we took time to get it right!

It’s amazing what a few days, a few simple additions and better lighting can do for a table! The really fantastic thing is I only added 4 things! (1) Streamers, (2) plates and napkins, (3) paper flowers and (4) a second layer to the signs.

We are so grateful that the judges liked our concept…

Party Concept: Before the big day, the bride will need to practice her pucker before she kisses her sweetie! The sour and tart sweet treats will offer her and her guests plenty of practice.

Here are all the lil’ details…

The Piggy Bank Parties’ Paper Plate Backdrop featured white plates with our yellow striped Sugar Cookie Paper cut into squares and added to the center of each plate.

I added a Sugar Cookie Banner with one of our new cookie shapes…Lemon!

Then I added my newest obsession…crepe paper ruffled streamers!

I made all of these for $3.00 using 3 rolls of crepe paper streamers and approximately 1 hour behind the sewing machine. {I’ll share an easy tutorial soon!}

The focal points on the table were the Lemonade Stand and the Kissing Booth.

The base of the stands are popcorn buckets from a dollar store with striped paper attached using double stick tape. Our Sugar Cookie Welcome Sign was customized with a lemon cookie and a pink kiss to match our theme. I attached two cookie sticks to the signs with adhesive dots and tape for extra stability. For the second photo shoot, I added yellow cardstock to the back of the signs with pop-up adhesive dots for an extra pop of color and a more finished look. The finished signs were attached to the tops of the popcorn buckets using molding clay.

Lip Smackin’ Lemonade is served in glass jars with striped paper lids, yellow straws and lemon slices.

Tart Sweets included Lemon Cake surrounded by Lemon Drops and topped with Lemon Gumdrops…

 White platters were lined with striped paper and featured Lemon Loaf, Lemon Sugar Cookies, Lemon Tea Cookies and Mini Meringue Cookies in yellow and white. All of the treats were in straight lines to mimic stripes!

Time to practice your pucker…

Sweet & Sour Treats included Chocolate Kisses, Lemonheads and Lemon War Heads…

Party Game: “Practice Your Pucker!” Guests are asked to stand up in front of the group and pop a Sour War Head in their mouth. The guest with the best “pucker” face wins!

Hank’s Hint: Always have a camera ready! Photograph the “sour” faces and create a photobook for the bride-to-be or design a collage which can be the front of the bride’s Thank You Notes! Lil’ touches can take a table from cute to ADORABLE!

I added coordinating napkins to white plates for a lil’ pop of color…

…and made crepe paper flowers from leftover streamers!

Striped ribbon was added to the ends of the streamers and tied around glasses and paper flowers…

Favor Idea: Place Lemon Biscotti and Lemon Herbal Tea in a cellophane bag and tie with striped ribbon. Your guests can practice their “pucker” at home!

Piggy Bank Parties’ Party Budget: $75.00 {6-12 guests}

Sugar Cookie Welcome Sign: $8.00

plus “Lip” Customization: $5.00

Sugar Cookie Banner: $12.00

Sugar Cookie Paper: $3.00

Crepe Paper Streamers: $2.92

Sweet & Sour Treats: $29.47

Straws: $2.03

Napkins: $5.45

Favors: $6.42

All other items were pulled from the cupboards!

Pucker Up! Party Total: $74.29

{break for an Under-the-Budget Happy Dance!}

I hope you’re INSPIRED to create a whimsical party on a Piggy Bank budget!

I think there’s one lemon sugar cookie left…I better hurry!

Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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  1. Did you ever do a tutorial on the crepe paper streamers?

  2. We're so excited that you liked the Pucker Up! Bridal Shower! It was so much fun to create!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Love love love the crepe paper streamers!! Beautiful! Can't wait to see how to do this! Congrats on the win it's an adorable set!

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