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{inspiration} build with the enchanted elves

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It is hard to believe that Christmas Eve is already here! It seems like we were just hanging out with the Lil’ Witches and the Quirky Turkey the other day. As I get older, I feel like time passes quicker and quicker. I used to wish that each week would pass quickly so I could enjoy the weekend…and now I wish I had that time back! It also seems the busier work gets the less time I have to really stop and enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. With this in mind, I wanted to design a lil’ party that is fun for all ages…

Christmas Eve is a busy day at the North Pole. The elves have been working hard all year at building toys for all the lil’ boys and girls. I thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate with a “Build-a-Party” after they’ve loaded the sleigh and sent Santa on his way! It’s such a fun and easy party that your family can celebrate along with the elves!

I used the Enchanted Elves Collection to create the décor. I started with a white paper plate backdrop and hung paper lanterns made from the Polka Dot Paper. These are the same lanterns I used for the Ree-Launch Party and the Lil’ Hoots Halloween owls. The lanterns were hung at different lengths to create a Christmas tree. Then a star was added to the top and the bottom was finished off with a trunk.

The 3-D star template is a {free download} available here.

First we’ll “Build-a-Treat” so fill your tray with the building supplies…

I used leftover cookies sheets from our Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen and my Fifties birthday party {coming soon} as trays with the Build-a-Treat Placemats. Place your goodies on the designated spot…

To jazz up the lil’ cups that hold the Sprinkles + Such, I printed the Polka Dot Paper on glossy white labels and added them to the bottom.

Elves tend to get thirsty, so they have their choice of Unfrozen Snow

…or they can Build-a-Cocoa!

Fill up your mug with hot cocoa and then stir a lil’ somethin’…

Now that your tray is full, it’s time to start building your treat…

Place Cookie One on the Building Zone plate…

…add your Polar Ice Cream

…top with Cookie Two

…pour out your Sprinkles + Such

…roll your treat in the Sprinkles + Such

…enjoy with your Build-a-Cocoa!

After you’ve celebrated with your family and friends, don’t forget to send your guest home with a lil’ favor

I LoVe North Pole Snow! It tastes just like cotton candy! {giggle}

The Enchanted Elves Collection also includes Welcome Signs

…two “Merry Christmas” Banners

Gift Tags you can write on….

…or type in your own text before printing…

…in addition to all the items shown above—Cake Stakes, Favor Bag Toppers, “Create-Your-Own” Menu/Invitation, Polka Dot Paper, “Create-Your-Own” Party Cards and the “Build-a-Treat” Placemats.

If you need a personalized invitation or menu, we offer two Elf Shoes and two Elf Hats layouts…

Creating a celebration of your own doesn’t take a lot of time or money. You can recreate this party in a few hours depending on how elaborate you decorate and if you make the cookies from scratch!

Party Budget: $30.00 (12-15 guests)

  • Cookies: $1.50
  • Ice Cream: $2.50
  • Sprinkles + Such: $4.52
  • Build-a-Cocoa: $1.25
  • Décor + Printing: $19.95
  • Favors: $1.25
  • Items were used from around the house, too!

Piggy Bank Party Total: $30.97 (over budget by $.97)

{break for an “I’ll do better on my budget in the New Year” Happy Dance!}

I hope your inspired to create magical memories with your family and friends. J and I wish you an Enchanted Christmas Eve!

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  1. I know I am late to the party, but I just had to tell you how adorable this is! Such a brilliant idea and everything looked fantastic, definitely “pinning” for next year!

    1. You’re never to late to our party, Mariah! Thank you and so happy you’re going to use it for your party!

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