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{inspiration} a lil’ witches halloween

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To say that I’m excited to share our newest Halloween collection with you would be an understatement. I have been dreaming and designing this collection for months! Of course, I dreamed up so many new items that we had to design from scratch for this collection…that it took until 11 days before Halloween for us to finish them! Better late than never…right?!?

Grab your broom, your silly socks, a pair of pointy shoes…and get ready to take a ride with this lil’ piggy to meet the Lil’ Witches!

For Christmas last year, I asked J to draw some whimsical elves…but just their shoes, socks and hats. From those illustrations, I designed the Enchanted Elves Collection. Since we were trying to get a jump start this year on the upcoming holiday season, I started thinking about Halloween in June! The first thing that popped into my head were those striped socks, elf shoes and jingle bell hats. Why not turn them into silly socks, pointy shoes and witches hats? J once again went above and beyond what was in my head!

The Lil’ Witches Collection includes two options for invitations—the shoes or the hats. Of course, I personally would send a few of each!

Then when guests arrive, greet them with a whimsical sign or two…

Inspired by the artwork, I used lime green, orange and purple paper plates to mimic the silly socks and added a black pennant banner to represent the bottom of a witch’s skirt. A whimsical hat was the focal point of the table. I created it using cardstock and handmade paper leftover from other projects. The hat band is a scrap of the ruffled streamers I used to create the Lil’ Hoots Halloween backdrop.

I placed the hat on top of two hat boxes I had slip covered with more leftover paper. I was inspired to use hat boxes after seeing this adorable display by Jill of Peas and Thank Yous. The hat boxes I had didn’t match my color scheme or theme so covering them with a coordinating paper was an economical solution.

Do you see them? Do you see my favorite new design? Not just plain old individual cupcake stands. No! Themed individual cupcake stands! Do you know what else? They are included in the collection!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

Designer’s Tip: Print the cupcake stands on 100-110 lb. heavyweight cardstock. I used 110 lb. heavyweight cardstock for all of my prototypes and they worked beautifully. If you use a lighter weight cardstock (60-80 lb), you will need to reinforce the backs of the legs. Silly lil’ piggy used double-sided matte photo paper for the photo shoot ‘cuz it prints beautifully. Let’s just say…I had an unexpected treat fall into my hands!

The lil’ cupcake stands held cupcakes topped with lil’ witches hats. I had seen several people make similar hats using Hershey’s Kisses, York Peppermint Patties and colored candy melts. Most of you know I have an aversion to candy melts and York Peppermint Patties are so hard to find around here…so I used Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses, Oreo Fudge Creams, chocolate chips and sprinkles! So easy and so yummy!

The faux cake pops I made for the REE-launch Party were such a hit that I wanted to make them again. The sweet portion of the Lil’ Witches menu also included Scary Hairballs, Scraggly Warts and Sweet Garlic.

The Scraggly Warts are a mixture of Sixlets and gumballs because Lil’ Witches come with different sized warts! Mini meringue cookies always remind me of garlic so I had to include them. To bring in a lil’ more of the salty portion of the menu, I added chocolate covered popcorn and Corn Nuts.

A cauldron filled with packing peanuts and topped with marshmallows held the Salty-n-Sweet popcorn. I made the cauldron by covering a mixing bowl with black paper and attaching a black ruffled streamer around the top. I attached a orange ruffled streamer folded in half around the bottom to represent fire.

The popcorn was served in witches hats which are actually our Lil’ Witches Hat Favor Boxes. I cut off the flaps and box lid so they could be used like paper cones. I added a lil’ embellishment to the popcorn hats by sliding a lollipop stick with a Lil’ Witches Cake Stake attached.

Our Lil’ Witches left their shoes around the base of the cauldron so I filled them with treats! Since pointy shoes were part of our design, I wanted to offer a witch’s shoe favor box. When designing a favor box, I do a lot of research and ultimately create a design from scratch. This time though, I just couldn’t get the right shape so I based my design on this template by Ellen Huston which was featured on Skip to My Lou. Ellen’s design gave me a platform—pun intended—to jump off of to create my own version of a witch’s shoe.

Lil’ Witches need Broomsticks and Lil’ Brooms! I made brooms using a thin sucker, a lunch sack and a lil’ string and broomsticks with pretzel rods, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

A bubblin’ cauldron is a necessity for any witch. Black paper was taped to glass jars and black string was tied under the lid to create the lip of the cauldron. Paper lids and “bubbles” were made from the Lil’ Witches Paper. I embellished some of the cauldrons with Lil’ Witches Cake Stakes.

I used the Lil’ Witches Party Cards to create food labels and a favor sign using the “add your own” text feature. Favors were given in our Lil’ Witches Hat Favor Boxes embellished with coordinating hat bands made from our Lil’ Witches Paper. For a finishing touch inside the box, I printed the hat favor box template on one side of a piece of cardstock then flipped it over and printed the Lil’ Witches Paper on the back.

I added Favor Tags to the hats and filled them with lil’ bags of candy corn or Corn Nuts. Guests will know if they are a sweet or salty witch by which one they receive!

The Lil’ Witches Collection also includes a Create-Your-Own Menu which can be personalized by you and could be used for an invitation. A few more whimsical party signs and a “Happy Halloween!” banner complete the collection.

The Lil’ Witches Collection is now available in The Market for $12.00. If you’re interested in purchasing just the favor boxes, please contact us and we’ll add them to the shop!

Lil’ Witches Halloween Party Budget: $75.00 (8-10 guests)

Printable Décor Set & Tablecloth: $13.10

Party Décor Printing & Assembly: $11.70

Food & Food Coloring Gel: $39.46

Favors: $1.27

Servingware: $0

Party Total: $67.41

{break for an Under Budget Happy Dance!}

I hope you’re inspired to create a whimsical Halloween party on a Piggy Bank budget!



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  1. Such a wonderful colection, congratulation!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Can’t decide what I like the most!!

  3. Hey Hank! Tell those two artists that you live with that they are makin’ our family look good with this over the top Halloween display!!! We know what went into this and it was well worth it, no matter when it “sqeaked” onto the blog and the market!
    Love, Mom, Dort and Nora

    1. Thanks, Kristen! We’re pretty excited about the new cupcake stands! Glad you love our infamous paper plate backdrop! We appreciate you stoppin’ by.

  4. OK-you are so fabulously talented! This is the cutest witch party set I have ever seen! I don’t think that there is one detail that you left undone. Amazing job and so glad to have found your job via Tatertots. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your awesome creations!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Love the collection! Especially the shoe favor box and cupcake stand! Wish I was having a Halloween party!

    1. Thanks, Mariah! All of the cupcake stands were sitting on my work table and it looked like a witchy can-can line! Makes me giggle every time I see them!

  6. Love the colors and the creativity! Great job! Wanna know something funny? I think we are party soul sisters! First we were both making backdrops out of paper plates, and now we’ve both made witch hat party favors. Great minds think alike! I love it! :)

    1. I saw your witch hat party favor and started laughing! I agree…great minds do think alike!

    1. Thanks for being so patient, Maria! I think I had every interruption possible in one day!

  7. LOVE this!
    The witches brooms & hats are adorable (gives me a good idea for my son’s class treats)!

    Such a great job & I love how you break down the costs :)

    1. I’ll be doing a lil’ tutorial on the broom suckers this weekend! We appreciate the feedback and will continue showing you the budgets.

  8. I love this Do! I love love love the party favor hats!!!! So cute! Budget isn’t bad either. :)


    1. Thanks, Ebony! We actually added all of the favor boxes and cupcake stands to The Market!

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