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{free download} a sentimental type of thank you


I cannot believe that “THANK YOU!” Week is almost over. The days and weeks seem to be flying by faster and faster…or maybe I just need to slow down a bit!

Today’s note set was inspired by my love of vintage typewriters. I first learned to type on my mom’s manual typewriter similar to this one available from Songbyrd Vintage

As a lil’ piglet, I loved pressing down on all of the keys and watching the letter arms pop up to add text to the page. As a teen, frustration would set in when I would type too fast and all of the letter arms would get tangled up or the ribbon would slip! I soon switched to an electric typewriter followed by a word processor which led to a computer. While I love technology, there’s something wonderful about the feel of those typewriter keys beneath your fingertips.

Today I pay homage to my mom’s old typewriter…

Click on the link below to download. Visit herehere, here and here to download all of the other freebies from this “THANK YOU!” Week!

I hope you’re inspired to write…or type…a lovely sentiment to someone today!

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