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do you fondue?


Grab your virtual notepads ‘cuz it’s…

One of my favorite things about winter is gathering around a table with family and friends to enjoy a cozy meal. You know…the kind of meal that comforts you like bowls full of chili, homemade soup and macaroni-n-cheese. My ultimate cozy meal though is a warm pot of ooey gooey cheesy fondue!

{snout is watering}

There is something about smothering bread, fruit, veggies and meat with cheese that makes my belly do a Happy Dance! My Aunt Doris was a culinary connoisseur and introduced me to the fondue pot back in the 70’s. The trendy fondue parties of the 70’s soon faded into a memory until we were registering for wedding gifts 10 years ago. I was so excited to have fondue parties again that the fondue pot sat in our cupboard for 8 years! One day though I saw it, pulled it out, plugged it in and within 2 weeks made up for those fondue-less years!

Any fondue aficionado will tell you that a big pot of silky smooth dark chocolate should follow the cheese course. Some of my favorite sweet dippers include strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas, marshmallows, sweet breads, donuts, graham crackers and cupcakes. I also love to serve up salty dippers with the chocolate course like pretzels, potato chips and cheese because the first course of cheese just wasn’t enough! {giggle}

Sharing my love of fondue today was inspired when Kristin of KristinPotPie linked up a party with the title, “Chocolate Fondue–with Bacon!”

She had me at Chocolate.

Slam dunked it with Bacon.

Kristin created this yummy party for her son’s 13th Non-Party Birthday celebration! Click here for all the delicious details.

A few years ago I threw J a birthday party with a bit of a “cheesy” theme

The party featured a cheesy fondue buffet with a variety of dippers—veggies, apples, bread, honey wheat pretzels, ham and meatballs. To say it was a hit is an understatement! Fortunately, I had stocked up on cheese ‘cuz the pot was emptied multiple times.

You can savor all of the ooey gooey party details here.

Hosting a fondue party can be as easy as melting cheese and grabbing pre-cut veggies from the grocery store or as creative as celebrating with a Cupcake Fondue Party. The fondue possibilities are endless! I gathered a bunch of recipes and fondue party ideas over on Pinterest including my favorite Cider Cheese Fondue recipe.

Click here to visit my “I Fondue” board.

I hope you’re inspired to share a cozy meal with those you love!

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