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do me a favor and box up last year


Last year included a lot of unexpected surprises but the biggest surprise came in the form of a box.

A box changed our lives this year. Actually, 63 boxes changed our lives.

It all started quite innocently in 2011. We were a swag bag and giveaway sponsor for an event in Florida and we wanted a unique and memorable way to showcase our gift certificates. I thought it would be really fun to include a piggy bank but purchasing that many banks wasn’t in our giveaway budget. I’m not sure where I was or what I was doing, but the light bulb went off…a piggy bank BOX! Ooh! Ooh! Even better…a box that looks like Hank, our mascot!

A brief moment of brilliance.

Great idea but how was I going to make a box look like Hank? I will say that my first box was totally and completely inspired by this paper toy—a Cubee Spider-Pig by Cyberdrone. {Note: At the time, it was one of two paper pigs on an exhaustive Google search. Now, of course, there are tons of cute paper pigs!} I had to redesign the paper toy as a box and make it much easier to assemble, but without that toy I would have been lost. So…THANK YOU, Cyberdrone! I can never ever thank you enough for helping me at the beginning of this journey!

With the help of J’s amazing artwork, here’s what our first box looked like…

After the event, we were overwhelmed by the response to our lil’ Hank. A month later, we contributed to another event swag bag and received more glowing reviews. It planted a lil’ seed inside me and a few months later I decided to create this simple Icicle Favor Box to coordinate with our Winter Wonderland Collection.

Then one of my favorite party planners, Brittany of GreyGrey Designs, asked us to create a favor box for a travel-themed baby shower. It was perfect timing because we were in the midst of designing a vintage travel-themed collection for Jenny of Craft That Party. Little did we know that this lil’ box would become our best selling product of all time.

After Brittany’s party went live on the blogosphere, we were overwhelmed by the response and inundated with custom requests. I am eternally grateful to Brittany for her request because I discovered a new passion.

I love designing favor boxes.

I now look at objects and try to figure out how to recreate them in paper form. Trust me. It’s not always easy and I’ve cried countless tears during the design phase. Making a box look like an object isn’t the biggest challenge. The tricky part is making it easy to assemble. By the time a box hits The Market shelves, I’ve spent 2-5 hours designing the shape, J’s put in 2-8 hours hand illustrating the box’s artwork and I’ve assembled 10-25 prototypes after we’ve spent another couple of hours tweaking the box’s design, artwork and assembly directions until it’s just right. A lot of love goes into each design!

Without further ado…

We had the pleasure this year of designing favor boxes for magazine features…

…for our wonderful clients…

…for candy making authors…

…to coordinate with our collections…

…as party décor…

{Psst! Not really boxes…but they took just as long!}

…for you to download for f-REE…

{Psst! I think a few sneaked in from 2011. I hope you don’t mind!}

…special collaborations…

…for my birthday…

…and just for FuN!

WoW! Can you believe that we have an additional 10 designs that haven’t been photographed yet? It truly has been an amazing year and we are so grateful for all of your support, encouragement and excitement! Your feedback has been invaluable to J and I. It is appreciated more than you will ever know!

All of the Favor Boxes (with a few exceptions) are currently available in The Market and can be purchased here or here.

Here’s a {sneak peek} of what adventures 2013 has in store for us…

I hope you’re inspired to follow your passion. Happy New Year!


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  1. I LOVE how you showcased all your box’s in this post. It shows your diversity and I reminded me just how many amazing favor box’s you have in your collection. congratulations Do!

    1. Aww…thanks, Sweet Cakes! Lookin’ forward to creatin’ some for you and Lil’ Sweet Cakes! ♥ Honey Ham

    1. Thanks so much Keisha! We appreciate your kinds words and for stoppin’ by!

  2. Thanks for the sweet shout out!! My parties would not be half as cute if I didn’t have your expertise in printables! You RULE! I bow down to your expertise! ;)

    1. We adore you, B! We’re finishing up another lil’ somethin’ for your RIGHT now! ♥

    1. Thanks, Miranda! We so appreciate your support and look forward to more fun collaborations!

  3. These are amazing. I’m spatially challenged, so color me doubly impressed! Great work!

  4. You are such a breath of fresh air Piggy. These favor boxes are cute, innovative, useful, and beyond perfectly well made. You have found your niche and hope 2013 brings lots and lots more orders, designs and recognition. I really like your year in review. Congratulations!!

    XOXO, Ale

    1. So SweeT, Ale! Thanks for stoppin’ in and your generous words mean the world! Especially from the ultimate marshmallow girl!

      Happy New Year! ♥

  5. Amazing!!!!! I am blown away by your amazing talent and creativity!!!! I am a party planner and I am IN LOVE with all these amazing little boxes! Cannot wait to start using some of these at the parties I am planning for 2013!!!!

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