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{deposit} a spook-tacular 1st birthday

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It’s time to open our PIGGY BANK
for another DEPOSIT sent to us by Vanessa of…


I first “met” Vanessa through Oink! when we starting accepting party deposits. She was brand new to the blogosphere and I’m so excited to see how far she’s come. She hit 200 Facebook Fans on Tuesday! I’m so excited for her!
Here’s what Vanessa had to say about her party…
My son, Wyland, turns 1 on November 4th and since it falls on a Wednesday this year I decided to have his party on the previous weekend. It just so happens to fall on my favorite celebration of the year, Halloween. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ costume party?
It took me a while to come up with a theme, I struggled with traditional versus kiddie party and ultimately I decided to go with a cool fusion of the two. After all this is probably going to be the last time I get to pick his party theme anyway and not to mention the majority of the guests will be adults.
I didn’t, however, want to go too traditional in the sense of using the typical orange, pumpkins yatta yatta yatta… I am really feeling purple this year, it is the color of royalty after all…
I created the invitation using Picnik. What an amazing tool! And no the fangs are not real, I wouldn’t do that to my baby.


For the Dessert table I made some mummy cupcakes, a simple vanilla cake with (and this is the only hint of orange) pumpkin frosting filling and chocolate and white sponge cake pops. I didn’t want to overwhelm the table with all the desserts at once so I placed them around the room and held some in the kitchen ’til it was time to sing the birthday song.


For the mummy cupcakes I used fondant strips covered with edible pearl dust and M&Ms for the eyes.
Kid-friendly Dessert Table included Grape Juice, Grapes, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Grape Jello with Whipped Cream…YUM! 
Notice the creepy hand coming out of the M&M dish? No??? Well here’s a close up…


Menu of all the yummy food my mother prepared for the party. She is the greatest Chef I know.


I made this memo board from an old frame I found in my basement. I sprayed it with black sparkle paint bought at Home Depot. The material I bought from Jo-ann Fabrics along with the ribbon and board. I didn’t really have a reference I just went with it and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Although next time I know not to buy a wood board, I wasn’t able to put a thumb-tac in it, so I nailed in a few! I meticulously went through all of Wyland’s pictures to find the perfect one for each month.


Even the artwork dressed up for the occasion!
Take home goodies!


The proud parents with the birthday boy. What a night!
Click here for additional party photos and details.
I think Vanessa created a SPEC-tacular SPOOK-tacular party for Wyland! I love the drama that she created with the stunning purple drapes as a backdrop for the sweets table. I also LOVE the mummy cupcakes, grape juice, grape Jello and the chalkboard menu. She shows that simple items can be spectacular!
I wanted to get to know Vanessa a bit better. Here’s my lil’ interview with her…
Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? I would love to do this as a full-time job. As of now, it is part-time as I am just starting out.
If a business, how long have you been in business? I would love to turn this into a legitimate business and am in pursuit of doing so now.
How did you get started? I became unemployed in January of ’09 due to major layoffs at my company. It turned out to be the biggest blessing in disquise that I could ever dream of. I was working my way up the ladder of success and nothing was going to distract me…or so I thought. At first I was devastated but then I got married, went back to school and had a baby all in one year. The corporate world was no longer an option and my priorities changed the minute I took one look at Wyland.
It all started with the planning of his Christening. I realized then that I couldn’t settle for traditional and had to customize the entire event. The budget was tight but I was not about to let that get in my way. I began making, repurposing and creating all the elements. The day after his Christening I started planning his 1st birthday! I’ve been planning, crafting and designing since and decided to turn this passion into a career.
What penny pinching ideas/tips went into your event? I learned from my son’s Christening that ordering a custom cake was too expensive. I took a cake decorating class at Michael’s and even though I didn’t have time to create the materpiece I had planned…I did make the cake for his birthday. My mom and I made all of the menu items which was a great money saver. I started shopping 6 months in advance and only used Michael’s 50% off coupons or other store coupons. I also used Halloween decorations from previous years and altered some to match the decor.
I hope your INSPIRED by Vanessa’s party.
I can’t wait to use drapes for a dramatic backdrop!
Headed to the kitchen for a little Jello…gonna watch it wiggle!

Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…


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