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americana star wreath

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Did you know that Memorial Day is TWO weeks from today? May is flying by and the kick-off of summer is just around the corner. This week I’m sharin’ a bit of patriotic inspiration starting with a lil’ project whose price tag is around $1.25!



1. Download and print the Patriotic Flair Paper on your 6 sheets of paper. I chose to use ivory for a rustic Americana look and set my printer to “Standard” quality versus my normal choice of “High.”

2. Flip over the sheets you just printed and print the 3D Stars Template on the back. For this, set your print quality to “Draft” or “Fast.” No need for perfection here!

3. Cut out the stars…again, no need for perfection. I used 3 or 4 stars from each page for a total of 20. Use whatever combination you like!

4. Score or just fold the stars in the pattern on the diagram included on the 3D Star Template.

5. Fold the star points up and in between the points down.

Optional: If you’d like a rustic look, color the star edges with a brown marker or stamp pad. I suggest doing this before you fold them…unlike me! I decided I wanted the look after I had them all folded!

6. After all of your stars are ready, it’s time to create the wreath base. Go to your pantry or the paper plate aisle at your local grocery store and pick up a pack of good ‘ole paper plates. I bought a pack of 200 plates for $3.99 at Target.

TIP: If you don’t have a paper plate handy, you can use a cereal box and make a wreath pattern by tracing around two mixing bowls.

TIP, too: Need a bigger wreath? Use poster board or a lightweight shipping box. Use the “pencil and string” method to create circles.

7. Cut out the center of the plate using a pair of scissors. The paper plate manufacturer created the perfect circle template for you!

Optional: I wanted a flatter surface for the wreath base. I used one of my favorite secret tools to flatten the plate—a brayer. You can find brayers at your local craft store or online. I use it when layering invitations, assembling favor boxes…and for flattening plates! Since you may not have a brayer or have ever heard of one until today, you can also use a rolling pin to achieve the same effect.

8. Attach your first star to the plate with a stapler.

9. Attach the next star at an overlapping angle.

10. Keep attaching stars at overlapping angles.

Make sure the white plate base is completely covered by the stars.

TIP: If the paper plate base shows when you hang it, trim it!

11. Hang with twine, string or ribbon. Ta-Da!

Need more Memorial Day decorations? Check out the entire Patriotic Flair Collection available here on our free downloads page.

I hope you’re inspired to reach for the stars today!




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  1. I just made one of these with my mom and grandma and it turned out so cute!! It had very easy directions to follow and looks beautiful hanging on our front door. Thank you for the great tutorial.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Kristen! You made my day! Hope y’all have a fabulous Fourth of July!

    1. Psst! Don’t tell but I’m not a wreath lover either! {giggle} Thanks for your special comment, Bev! It made my day!

  2. This is perfection! Simple, well-done tutorial. Can’t wait to make this. Thank so much for sharing it. I’ve been wanting to do a star wreath.

    Love this so much!

    QuiltedCupcake Jean

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