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It’s been a busy few weeks around the PiG PeN and, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hang out on Oink! as much as I’d like. I missed you too much not to stop by today though and I truly appreciate you taking a lil’ time out of your day to hang with me! Especially since today I’m sharing my thoughts on garbage!

It’s so much fun to plan every last little detail that will make your party beautiful, fun, whimsical or rough-n-tumbly, but there’s one detail you can’t forget…trash! Every party serves up a bunch of rubbish and guests need to know where to put it. More often than not, I see party hosts scrambling to find a trash can during a party because they didn’t think about it until a guest asked, “Where should I put my garbage?” Adding a “Rubbish Zone” to your party plan lets your guests know exactly where to put their trash so you’re not left holding the bag!

Rubbish Zone Tips:

  • Designate a central location
  • Clearly mark the trash containers
  • Place extra bags in the bottom of the garbage cans before you secure the first bag for quick bag changes
  • Recycle water bottles and plasticware
  • Create a place for items you want to wash and reuse—plates, cups, silverware, etc.
  • Set up two or more zones if you have a large space
  • Designate a rubbish attendant before the party who will check and change out full trash bags

I hope you’re inspired to create a Rubbish Zone of your very own!

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  1. Great tip! I know when I first started throwing parties I would do that very thing. Oh, garbage, ha ha, let me find one. Now I always have one or two out.
    Tiffany @ Fizzy Party

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