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a last minute birthday

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Making birthdays special during the holiday season is always challenging. Enter the hubs. His birthday falls on December 12th every year. He often gets “combo” gifts. I swore I would always make his birthday extra special. No Merry Birthdays.

Enter real life. With the impending move on the horizon and keeping up with work, it was the afternoon of December 11th and I didn’t have anything planned! No party. No present. No treat.

So, I turned to our Facebook FaNs for ideas. Y’all saved my lil’ pork butt with your brilliant ideas that inspired J’s 12-12-12 birthday celebration!

It all started with these…

Since J’s birthday fell on 12-12-12 this year, I grabbed the 1-12 Festive Favor Bags {a free download here} and filled each one with a lil’ card. The first one gave a hint to what would happen over the next 6 hours.

As soon as J read the first card, I set the stopwatch on my iPhone for 30 minutes and picked a silly sound for the alarm. We jumped in the trucklette and headed for our lunch date at Chili’s. During lunch, the alarm went off and J was handed the next envelope with a lil’ gift…

He loved it. I’m sure it will appear on the day when every pot and baking dish we own is dirty!

After he read each card, I would restart the stopwatch and wherever we were he would stop and read the next card when the silly alarm sounded. Since we’re watching our pennies due to the move, each card contained a silly note with a fun activity or free coupon all uniquely tailored to his wants and wishes.

Six hours of laughter. Six hours of fun. Six hours of celebrating the hubs.

He didn’t need a big, expensive present. He didn’t need a perfectly planned party. He didn’t need a decadent cake.

He needed to feel special. He needed to feel loved.

He got his wish.

I hope you’re inspired to give the gift of love.

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